Professors’ anti-woke protests sparked an epic meltdown

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This fall American college students are returning to campuses more under the control of the political Left than ever before. 

Numerous professors brave enough to speak out against the woke mob have found themselves shut down entirely.  

But a handful of professors’ anti-woke protests sparked an epic meltdown.

Anti-woke chocolate bar professor alleges retaliation and he’s not alone

There was a time when college campuses were the one place where people could say almost anything. 

In the 1960s young Democrats spent much of their time pushing against the conservative establishment to push the boundaries with freedom of expression ranging from the clothes they wore to using profane language in public settings. 

But these days the Democrat Party has been hijacked by a woke mob more than willing to “cancel” someone for failing to use a person’s “preferred pronouns.”

And heaven help anyone who actually has the guts to poke fun at the radical Left’s ridiculous policies. 

California history professor David Richardson discovered he was walking on thin ice when he brought “anti-woke” chocolate bars to a campus in the spring. 

He’s now out of a job after having worked at Madera Community College for 25 years. 

He’s one of three  Golden State college professors who told Fox News that DEI policies have been used to filter them out of the higher education arena due to their viewpoints failing to conform to Leftist ideologies. 

A helluva cancelation rate

A new study shows that type of response to any sort of dissent from the Left’s agenda is a widespread problem. 

According to a study conducted by Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) and College Pulse, the five colleges that ranked at the bottom of their list for free speech were able to “deplatform” someone who spoke up a stunning 81% of the time. 

“Each year, the climate on college campuses grows more inhospitable to free speech,” FIRE’s Director of Polling and Analytics Sean Stevens explained. “Some of the most prestigious universities in our country have the most repressive administrations. Students should know that a college degree at certain schools may come at the expense of their free speech rights.”

It seems these days “higher education” has become little more than pure Leftist indoctrination at some of the nation’s most prestigious schools. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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