Professor sues for $17.91 and gets one painful admission from his university

One professor in deep blue Oregon’s legal case just got a big boost.

While his university was happy to hand over the $17.91 he sued for, the legal battle isn’t over yet.

And getting one painful admission from his university is like pulling teeth.

Woke indoctrination is quickly overwhelming all kinds of American institutions.

It’s a situation leaving longtime professionals somewhat shell shocked at being treated like small children incapable of treating anyone else with respect and dignity.

Now one professor is making his point by fighting back after an administrator shut him down online for a snarky comment she failed to appreciate.

Much to the dismay of administrators at the University of Oregon, a judge gave the green light for Professor Bruce Gilley’s free speech case to move forward.

Professor asked for $17.91 in recognition of the year the Bill of Rights was ratified

The university tried to get the case dismissed, but U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez shot that down fast, pointing out that the political science professor has a legitimate case.

The whole fuss started when Gilley made a comment on the school’s Division of Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Twitter account.

The account, @UOEquity, had posted a so-called “racism interrupter tool.”

The account suggested that when someone makes a racist or offensive comment the other party should say, “It sounded like you just said _______. Is that what you really meant?”

Gilley retweeted, filling in the blank himself.

“My entry:…you just said ‘all men are created equal,’” he wrote.

Tova Stabin, former UO communications manager, apparently found his take offensive and—without following her own advice—banned the professor from the Division of Equity and Inclusion’s Twitter account.

Long before getting excluded by his school’s Inclusion Police, Gilley had been making waves over his concerns about so-called “inclusive curriculum” that he says amounts to little more than “teaching history by political checklist.”

“Not satisfied with wanting to distribute income, housing, jobs and street names according to the imperatives of the new identity politics in Oregon, legislators now want to redistribute history as well,” Gilley wrote in an opinion piece for Oregon Live back in 2019.

“Rewriting history according to contemporary political imperatives is, of course, bogus,” he added. “The historical “contributions” of different individuals depend largely on things that have nothing to do with their sexual orientation, for instance, but with specific historical circumstances in which they found themselves. Some groups, such as Native Americans, are already widely represented in our history teaching, and for good reason.”

While the vast majority of woke DEI initiatives continue to go unchallenged inside educational institutions, Gilley’s is giving them a run for their money and then some.

He sued for $17.91 in recognition of the year the Bill of Rights was ratified.

The university refused to acknowledge that symbolism, instead sending him $20.

Whether that’s the end of the dispute is entirely up to Gilley.

“The Court concludes that Plaintiff’s claim for nominal damages is not moot unless Defendant accepts entry of judgment in Plaintiff’s favor for the amount of $17.91,” the judge over the case announced.

It seems the University may be forced to admit that the First Amendment still means something in the United States.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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