Pro-gun entertainers face decisions to move amid firearms content policy changes

Democrats are in the midst of their latest gun control push.

Gun rights advocates have caught onto the fact that Democrats basically want to abolish the Second Amendment.

Now pro-gun entertainers on YouTube face decisions to move amid firearms content policy changes.

Big Tech censorship has become a massive problem over the past few years.

The canary in the coalmine was controversial media figure Alex Jones, who was summarily banned off of every major platform.

Not long after, Donald Trump, the sitting president of the United States, was booted from every single social media site.

However, people on the Right have been fighting back by creating alternative platforms for people to have soft landings.

Parler, a free speech competitor for Twitter, was booted from Apple, Google, and Amazon Web Services simultaneously as it was the fastest growing app in the world after Trump’s banishment.

So-called “gun-tubers” speed up moves to Rumble amid YouTube content crackdown

Since then, companies have gotten smarter at defending themselves against establishment bottlenecks, which is why Rumble is growing as a YouTube competitor.

And pro-2A content creators have been forced to migrate to Rumble as Google-owned YouTube has cracked down on gun-related content.

Mrgunsngear, a YouTube content creator with over 776,000 subscribers, wrote in a social media post, “I got my 2nd strike in as many days this morning for another video that didn’t violate any of [YouTube’s] policies when it was posted (probably still doesn’t…). So, I can’t post any videos for a week and the video was deleted. It’s up on Rumble now…and I urge everyone to subscribe there.”

Inserting a magazine will get video deleted
Mrgunsngear’s “crime” was supposedly showing a suppressor being attached to a gun, which was not against YouTube’s guidelines.

Later, a YouTube representative told him that videos will be removed if they show someone “‘[i]insert magazines that are greater than 30 rounds into a firearm” or display someone “‘modify’ firearms [by] installing accessories such as lights, hand guards, optics, and silencers.”

So showing legal modifications is worthy of a content strike; if a channel accumulates three strikes on their account at one time, it is permanently deleted.

A content creator named Garand Thumb wrote on Twitter, “Getting crushed by YouTube please help us get the word out that 2A content is being unfairly targeted.”

Another content creator named Donut Operator explained, “Screwing on a perfectly legal suppressor is not a ‘modification’ and there are no rules against this in your public guidelines.”

The bottom line is that liberals hate guns, and they will chip away at gun rights piece by piece with maneuvers like this.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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