Pop star made one shocking comment that Dr. Fauci won’t like

Entertainment celebrities are used by the establishment to push a particular narrative.

But not all of them are willing to stick to the script.

And a pop star made one shocking comment that Dr. Fauci won’t like.

Entertainment stars around the globe were corralled into repeating the talking points of the COVID regime.

Those who didn’t were chastised or even “canceled.”

For example, rock legend Eric Clapton was ripped up and down by the Left for speaking out against lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Now pop star M.I.A., whose real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam, is calling out all of the people who pushed lies about the COVID vaccine.

M.I.A., born in the UK to Sri Lankan parents, rose to international fame in 2008 with the hit single “Paper Planes.”

Now she’s on the brink of getting canceled.

M.I.A used Alex Jones cases to put double standard on vaccines in the spotlight 

After Alex Jones was ordered to pay nearly $1 billion in a defamation civil suit regarding Sandy Hook, M.I.A. wrote on Twitter, “If Alex Jones pays for lying shouldn’t every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too?”

The Jones cases are a trial run for effectively criminalizing “disinformation,” and the establishment will get to determine what meets the criteria.

But M.I.A. didn’t stop there.

She added, “Alex Jones lying and Pfizer lying both trending. One with penalty other without. If you have no critical thinking faculty, this is about as crazy as we should get before a nuclear war wipe [sic] out the human race…[It’s] 2022, so far no one has ever paid a billion dollars for lying or being in denial on this planet…WMDs…2008 financial crash…I  might be the first cancelled twitter user back in 2010…for saying ‘connected to the google connected to the government’…They forget I got different kinds of receipts.”

An executive from Pfizer recently admitted that the company did not test the vaccine for stopping the spread of the virus, which was the number one reason used to coerce people into taking the shot.

People were told that they must get the vaccine to stop the spread.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow even said that the vaccine stops COVID in its tracks.

It was all a lie, but companies like Pfizer are not held accountable.

In response to the verdict, Jones said, “They want to scare everybody away from freedom, and scare us away from questioning Uvalde and what really happened there or Parkland or any other event. And guess what? We’re not scared, and we’re not going away, and we’re not going to stop…For hundreds of thousands of dollars, I can keep them in court for years, I can appeal this stuff, we can stand up against this travesty, against the billions of dollars they want. It’s a joke.”

It seems as though M.I.A. agrees with Jones’s assessment.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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