PolitiFact is making up its own “facts” about COVID and using it to fearmonger the public

It’s no secret Big Tech is in the back pocket of the Democrat Party.

Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram censor speech they believe is harmful to the Left and are now actively policing everyday Americans’ pages for “right-wing extremism.”

And now PolitiFact is making up its own “facts” about COVID and using it to fearmonger the public.

The “science” behind the coronavirus is no longer trusted and, quite frankly, ignored by many.

Democrats have proven time and again it’s not about the “science” to them – it’s about power.

So, the idea that a supposed “fact-checking” website would get information wrong shouldn’t shock anybody, but that still doesn’t make it right.

PolitiFact.com is a website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its “Truth-O-Meter.”

The website is a nonprofit project operated by the Poynter Institute, a radical left-wing “journalism” institute.

So, clearly, there is no bias in what PolitiFact reports, right?

Recently an Instagram post claiming that COVID-19 is 99 percent survivable for most age groups went viral.

The post cited numbers and data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the same government agency the Left loves to praise and given unlawful executive powers to.

Though the post clearly stated information it found on the – according to Jen Psaki – always accurate CDC website, it was flagged by PolitiFact as “misinformation” and rated “false.”

Given the underlying claim is very likely true, and most Americans know that COVID is largely survivable by most age groups – the elderly being the key exception – many found the “fact-checking” site’s claim to be odd.

Now there was some questionable vaccine information in the post, but that wasn’t what PolitiFact was honing in on.

No, these so-called fact-checkers were stating that the very idea that COVID has a low infection fatality rate is wrong.

Interesting conclusion, given that the CDC and most well-respected scientists have said the very same thing about the virus.

But that doesn’t play into the Left’s current fear-driven narrative, so therefore it is false, or at least liberal websites will try to tell you it’s false.

This is all about fearmongering with Big Tech.

They continue to try and scare people into submission.

Unfortunately, with many, it seems to be working.

It didn’t stop there.

In what can only be described as absolutely frightening, PolitiFact declared:

“Experts say a person cannot determine their own chances at surviving COVID-19 by looking at national statistics because the data doesn’t take into account the person’s own risks, and COVID-19 deaths are believed to be undercounted.”

This website is claiming that a person can’t make any reasonable guesses about their chances of survival.

They believe it’s the government’s job, by way of Big Tech, to tell people if they will survive or not.

Clearly, they think the American people are far too dumb to figure this out on their own.

Liberal politicians, Hollywood elites, and Democrat-controlled Big Tech companies are resorting once again to needless fearmongering.

To them, it is unbelievable that anyone would want to live their life free of government meddling and invasion.

People need to stop letting the Left brainwash them and cause them to live in constant fear.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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