Pew Research just released a study on gun control laws and Joe Biden isn’t going to like what it says

Joe Biden appears to be finding loopholes around everything and if he can’t find a workaround, he just breaks the law.

One issue Biden is foaming at the mouth to push his liberal policies on is gun rights. And there is no doubt he will let nothing stand in his way of violating every American’s Second Amendment rights.

But Pew Research just released a study on gun control laws and Joe Biden isn’t going to like what it says.

Gun sales continue to skyrocket in the United States much to the dismay of the Democrat Party.

Democrats have been trying to take away Americans’ Second Amendment rights for decades by slowly chipping away and making moves that most don’t even notice.

According to a new Pew Research report though, support for stricter gun control has dropped in the last two years.

Given the events of the last year and a half, many Americans are feeling unsafe and want to be able to protect themselves, which has meant a surge in new gun owners and – unfortunately – a massive ammo shortage.

Americans are realizing their need for protection and they are telling the government to keep its hands off their guns.

The report indicated that Americans who “prefer stricter gun laws” has dropped by seven points since September 2019.

Pew notes one of the biggest shifts has been among Republicans, who have gone from favoring stricter gun laws over less strict by a margin of 31 percent to 20 percent to favoring less strict over stricter by a margin of 27 percent to 20 percent.

Sadly, the Democrats – and some RINOs – have already chipped away at parts of the Second Amendment’s protections without many people even realizing what was happening, but it’s not too late to stand up and be heard.

And that appears to be just what the American people are doing.

They’ve had enough of their First Amendment rights being trampled by the Biden administration and his leftist allies and now they’re pushing back on the unconstitutional moves Democrats are making to take away their Second Amendment rights.

An unarmed and divided nation is exactly what the Democrats want because they know they cannot defeat the dissenters if they are mobilized and armed.

If Americans don’t start standing for what was endowed to them by their Creator, they will lose everything.

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