People are trying to block Jeff Bezos from making one huge move

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has made a lot of enemies.

Buying the Washington Post and giving money to “woke” causes has not insulated him from criticism.

Now people are trying to block Bezos from making one huge move.

Democrats have a love-hate relationship with Jeff Bezos.

He donates to leftist causes, but he’s also filthy rich.

Bezos has been criticized for Amazon warehouses’ working conditions as well as noncompetitive practices.

Now, many left-wing groups have signed onto a letter petitioning the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to block Amazon from acquiring iRobot, the company that produces the self-cleaning Roomba device.

The letter read, “The proposed deal poses a striking set of concerns related to consumer privacy and market competition. Allowing Amazon to absorb a competing smart home device business with access to incredibly detailed consumer data would endanger fair competition and open markets while also jeopardizing consumer privacy…There is no more private space than the home. Yet with this acquisition, Amazon stands to gain access to extremely intimate facts about our most private spaces that are not available through other means, or to other competitors. This information goes beyond home floor plans, and includes highly detailed information about the interior of consumer homes and lifestyle of the inhabitants. Giving Amazon access to this kind of private information through this acquisition hurts consumers.”

Facebook, for example, has paid large settlements due to its mishandling of personal user data.

Google, Twitter, and other companies have also come under scrutiny for similar reasons.

The letter continued, “The iRobot acquisition brings these risks into our homes, and once the data is collected there is no way to prevent its use for even more intrusive surveillance as well as other anti-competitive behaviors.”

Amazon Alexa has come under fire for privacy issues.

In order for Alexa and other AI’s to know when users are summoning them, they have to be listening all the time.

That has led to questions about whether or not such data is being stored.

The letter added, “Amazon’s proposed acquisition of iRobot represents an urgent threat to consumer privacy and competition in the digital economy. We implore the FTC to challenge the acquisition on the strongest legal grounds it can muster, it is crucial that the agency push courts to recognize the changing nature of monopoly in the digital age.”

Regardless of what happens with the iRobot acquisition, Americans must stay vigilant about privacy and surveillance, especially with Joe Biden’s rogue DOJ arresting his political opponents.

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