“Patriot education” commission member just blew the whistle on the Democrats’ biggest scam

President Biden and the Democrats prioritized 1619 Project-style “wokeist” history and Critical Race Theory (CRT) the moment they took power.

Anyone who disagreed would be smeared as “racist” and parents even had the FBI sicced on them by Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland.

But now a “Patriot education” commission member just blew the whistle on the Democrats’ biggest scam.

President Trump showed people on the Right how to better fight back against the Left’s “wokeism” in effective ways.

One of his final acts in office was signing an executive order creating a “patriot education” commission known as the 1776 Commission.

Of course, the Biden regime reversed course, instead pushing education policies based on the New York Times’ racist 1619 Project.

Conservative pundit and activist Charlie Kirk—a member of Trump’s 1776 Commission— is known for starting the youth organization Turning Point USA to combat “woke” indoctrination on college and high school campuses.

Now, Kirk is taking a blowtorch to the roots of wokeist education—colleges and universities—in his new book The College Scam.

Kirk, who skipped college to build TPUSA into a massive organization, explained that college “is an institutionalized multi-trillion dollar scam…I felt [it] necessary to put the pieces together, say it very bluntly and provocatively, but factually…A piece of paper should not define you…You should be a lifelong learner. You should be studying all the time. It’s about your character, it’s about your integrity, it’s about your work ethic — not whether you have some piece of paper from some overpriced institution.”

Colleges have been hiking tuition far faster than the rate of inflation.

The days of students paying for tuition with a summer and/or part-time job are long gone.

Today students routinely graduate with six-figure debt that cannot even be discharged through bankruptcy.

Colleges can raise tuition so dramatically because the federal government stepped in and fully secured student loans, meaning there is zero financial risk involved for the universities.

The scam is perpetuated by the societal pressure put on kids to graduate from high school and immediately go to college.

So many kids go to school with no plan in mind.  Instead, they go to “find themselves” or they treat college like the 13th grade.

Only years later when they’re wracked with debt do they realize the folly of the whole pursuit.

Democrats often complain about the trillions in unpaid student loan debt, but they want the taxpayers to foot the bill, not the universities shelling out useless degrees.

That gives up the game—Democrats don’t want to hold the universities responsible because they are ultimately the true source of the Left’s power.

The universities are where all the Left’s bad ideas originate and incubate, and it’s where the next generation of elite overlords are trained and “socialized” into good little wokeist Socialists.

That’s why Democrats either recoil or go silent when anyone suggests the idea of tapping into, or ever taxing universities’ massive endowments.

For example, Harvard has an endowment of $53 billion, but is never asked by “progressives” to forgive debt.

It’s middle-class taxpayers who have to foot the bill according to the Democrats.

Kirk also exposes the wretched ideas being taught in schools.

He explained, “We go through some of the most extreme classes that are taught at some of these schools. By extreme, I mean, insane. When you read about some of these courses, your jaw will drop…We also have an entire chapter on professors, and we name names of these professors…We lay it out as indictment. We are indicting the college cartel. We go one after the other, as if I am the prosecutor, as if I am trying to persuade a jury and a verdict.”

It’s about time the “college cartel” gets confronted.

A full-on assault on the universities might be the best way to save the country.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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