Patrick Mahomes’ praise for healing isn’t what Super Bowl watchers in this new poll are worried about

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will go head-to-head tomorrow to determine who is the best team in the National Football League.

And while fans across the country are divided over which team will come out on top, there is one thing almost everyone can agree on.

And Patrick Mahomes’ praise for healing isn’t what Super Bowl watchers in this new poll are worried about.

The vast majority of Americans are standing hand-in-hand saying they don’t want to see this on Super Bowl Sunday, according to a new poll.

Nearly 85% of Americans don’t want to see political messages rear their head during the Super Bowl

Protesting against cops, disgracing the national anthem, pushing radical LGBT propaganda and mandating COVID vaccines.

It would be easy to confuse that with the Democrat Party’s national platform.

But it’s also a few of the stances the National Football League has taken recently that have them facing fourth and long with much of their fan base.

Still the Super Bowl has become an American tradition – year-after-year garnering the highest ratings on television without a close second.

Each year, there are three draws that have people blitzing to their television screen to watch the NFL’s season finale.

First, of course, is the gridiron game itself – the two best teams in the league, clashing to prove superiority.

Second, the halftime show with some of the hottest pop acts in the world performing is a big hit with many viewers – with Rihanna set to hit the stage this year.

And last but not least, Super Bowl Sunday is perhaps the one day of the year people actually look forward to watching ads.

Corporations spend millions of dollars for air time to debut their latest creative commercials meant to catch your attention, entertain, and buy their product or service.

However, in recent years, fans are more likely to see stuff like trans people shaving than frogs croaking about their beer of choice.

Fans can agree on one thing…

The NFL, Hollywood and woke corporations have all decided the Super Bowl is the among the best places to reach the most eyeballs and promote radical Left-wing ideology.

But according to a new survey, Americans have had enough of it.

A new poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group shows that the vast majority of Americans want separation between football and politics.

In fact, the poll found 84.4% of voters believe sporting events, like the Super Bowl, should not include political or cultural statements as part of game and coverage – instead wanting the focus to be on the field.

Even more than three-quarters of Democrats want to use the game to escape and not be preached to ad nauseum.

Only 10% of respondents believe the Super Bowl and similar events are the perfect place for woke indoctrination.

Sports reporters want politics in football

That’s not stopping the “sport reporters” from making the match-up about politics.

Many are using the event to beg the question, “should the Chiefs change their name?” – this despite the fact that “Chief” is a status symbol in the Native American community and in no way a pejorative.

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