Patients and doctors everywhere had to pick their jaws off the ground after what Twitter just did to this professional medical group

With few exceptions, tech companies are staffed by a bunch of smug you know what’s – just like their cohorts in the Joe Biden boot-licking press.

They believe they’re experts in everything and it doesn’t matter what real experts have to say if it goes against the elites’ narrative.

Patients and doctors everywhere had to pick their jaws off the ground after what Twitter just did to this professional medical group.

The ethos of the Left has become that censorship is necessary because people may not do the “correct” thing.

That’s according to them. 

And everyone learned what bunch of smug a– holes they are over the course of the pandemic. 

They’ve proved they will completely muzzle anything coming from real experts, in fields the tech oligarchy isn’t trained in,  if it goes against their lefist narratives.

For example, internal documents showed that Facebook censored true information about COVID and vaccines because the company did not want to encourage vaccine hesitancy.

Now Twitter did something similar that’s causing everyone alarm.

Twitter slapped a scary warning on a study published by the American Heart Association because it raised questions about increased heart inflammation caused by the COVID vaccine.

From Breitbart:

Twitter is warning users that the website of the American Heart Association may be “unsafe,” after it published an abstract in one of its medical journals containing research linking mRNA COVID-19 jabs to heart inflammation. The abstract was published in Circulation, a journal of the AHA on the 16th of November. In their research, a team led by former cardiac surgeon Steven Grundy applied a cardiac test to measure a patient’s 5-year risk of a new acute coronary syndrome.

It didn’t take long for the COVID regime to intervene and the American Heart Association walked back the study because apparently even the professional group for heart doctors knows at the end of the day they’ve become slaves to Obamacare and Big Pharma too.  

Breitbart continued:

The abstract claims a 14-point increase in the five-year risk of acute coronary syndrome in participants. However, the American Heart Association later attached an “expression of concern” to the study, warning readers that it contains “potential errors.”

Twitter then finished the job by slapping an “unsafe” label on the study.

It’s clear that only studies pointing in a particular direction are allowed to be presented without ominous warning labels, as if medical data from a longstanding medical association is “unsafe.”

Studies that encourage pregnant women to get the jab regardless of other health factors and any long-term effects to the baby don’t get warning labels.

Those studies are promoted.

The COVID regime is nothing but an amalgam of the Democratic establishment, Obamacare’s “public health” cabal, the corporate-controlled press, and social media gatekeepers.

And it’s clear they only have one message that is allowed to prevail.

Everything else is censored and silenced.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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