Parents will be ripping up tuition checks when they see what word this major university is banning

Something dangerous is happening on college campuses.

Once thought of as a free marketplace of ideas, American universities are now churning out radical activists brainwashed in Leftists ideology.

And now one of the most prestigious universities in the country is readying to ban this patriotic word.

The Stanford safe-space

Stanford University is considered one of the most prestigious institutes of higher education in the world.

Stanford is widely considered the “Harvard of the west,” and has produced leaders in business, technology and science – and even a President of the United States in Herbert Hoover.

However, Stanford has decided to embrace woke “critical theory” on campus – and as a result, instead of turning out the future leaders of the worlds, the Pac-12 school is birthing a generation of woke activists.

Now, Stanford is trying to get rid of “offensive language” on campus.

One of the words on the chopping block is “American.”

The reason is that it’s supposedly not inclusive enough and can rub some students the wrong way.

Don’t use these words

American Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow, Christina Sommers discovered the new policy recommendations.

“Don’t say ‘American,’ say ‘US citizen,’ don’t say ‘immigrant,’ say ‘person who immigrated,’” Sommers tweeted. “Avoid ‘he’ and ‘she’ unless you know the individual’s preferred pronoun. But don’t use ‘preferred pronoun’ because ‘that suggests non-binary gender identity is a choice.’”

It’s all part of the university’s Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.

Stanford grouped their list of bad words and phrases into eight categories, “Ableist, Ageism, Culturally Appropriative, Gender-based, Imprecise Language, Institutionalized Racism, Person-First, and Violent.”

Sommers pointed out some other new no nos.

“Blind review” and “tone deaf” are now considered ableist.

“Guru” and “bury the hatchet” are now too culturally insensitive to use.

The term “trigger warning” is being banned because it’s supposedly “stress-inducing.”

No more can students say, “balls to the wall,” as Stanford believes the turn-of-phrase “attributes personality traits to anatomy.”

This despite the fact that the “balls,” in the term is not referencing testicles.

However, the “balls” in question here originate from fighter pilots, who when making their planes go faster would have to push the throttle levers, which were topped with balls, to the wall of the dashboard.

And Sommers discovered an interesting reason for the axing of the common phrase, “rule of thumb.”

Sommers found that despite no written record existing, the school is attributing the banning to an urban legend about an old British law that supposedly allowed men to beat wives with sticks no wider than their thumb.

“Every few years, some college will publish an absurd guide like this one,” Sommers tweeted. “They are widely ridiculed and one assumes they go away. But they don’t. The list of forbidden words only gets longer and the guides continue to circulate among an ever-growing number of academic administrators.”

It won’t be long before students are walking around with a dictionary of banned words to avoid on campus.

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