Parents were stunned after a federal judge made a shocking move citing this common concern

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America has become more divided than at any other time in recent memory. 

Years of identity politics have divided many Americans along racial, political, and religious grounds. 

But parents were stunned after a federal judge made a shocking move, citing this common concern.

Federal judge sends a powerful statement after making this key decision 

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, America erupted in violence and chaos. 

In addition to the widespread rioting, many school systems started teaching controversial “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) lessons. 

These lessons, which combine “woke” political messaging with Marxist themes, often tell children that all white people are “inherently” racist, among other disturbing claims. 

As the radical details of CRT lesson plans became public, some school districts and systems across America started pushing back against CRT. 

The state of Oklahoma, for example, passed HB 1775 in 2021, which bans the teaching of radical lessons such as CRT, among other things.

However, last week, U.S. District Judge Charles Goodwin issued a temporary injunction on certain parts of HB 1775. 

More specifically, Goodwin blocked the implementation of HB 1775, as well as a portion that prohibits universities from addressing racism or sexism during freshman orientation. 

Opponents of HB 1775 claim that the measure acts as a form of “censorship,” depriving students of the radical lessons taught in CRT programs. 

Democrat Oklahoma Representative Jacob Rosecrants recently echoed these concerns and expressed his support of radical far-Left policies like CRT to Tulsa’s KTUL News.

Rosecrants told the Tulsa-based media outlet, “You’re just not supposed to say anything that makes somebody feel uncomfortable about their race and their, and their sex. What are you, what are you even talking about when you’re talking about that? You’re talking about flat-out censorship.”

“This basically says, Hey, listen, this can’t be enforced while this is in litigation. So continue to teach the way that you were going to teach before,” the Oklahoma Democrat then stated. 

Similar accusations of censorship have emerged all across America in recent years, with those on the Left decrying the banning of books with LGBT and other “woke” themes. 

Supporters of these so-called “book-bans” and “CRT bans” often point out that these books and themes contain age-inappropriate stories and lessons, which they believe do not belong in schoolhouses. 

The recent news from Oklahoma demonstrates the Left’s persistence in protecting CRT 

As more school districts dabble in CRT lessons, the disturbing details of these lessons have increasingly emerged to the public. 

In many cases, these lessons teach students to glorify and seek out victimhood, consistently pointing the finger at white, Christian, conservative men. 

With this in mind, it should not surprise anybody on the left that such radical lessons would create a backlash amongst the people they attempt to vilify. 

Further litigation will determine the extent to which Oklahoma can control what goes into public school lesson plans, a right that states have enjoyed for many years. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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