Parents were furious when they learned about the Left’s latest “woke” agenda

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Radical leftists never sleep.

They are always looking for new ways to seize control.

And parents were furious when they learned about the Left’s latest “woke” agenda.

COVID was a catastrophe that will reverberate for decades.

However, if there was one silver lining to COVID, parents learned just how radical and broken the American school system has become.

Homeschooling on the rise 

Parents were able to listen in on their children’s distance learning classes, and they were horrified by what they were learning.

In response to school lockdowns, homeschooling experienced a boom with an estimated one in nine children being homeschooled.

Even as schools have reopened, homeschooling remains steady.

And that’s a big problem for the government.

They need kids to be indoctrinated in public schools, and many private schools are just as captured ideologically.

That’s why the Left are calling for government crackdowns on homeschooling.

Scientific American reported that “[h]ome­schooled students have won the National Spelling Bee; one was the most prolific mathematician in history. Many are well-rounded and well-adjusted children who go on to thrive as adults. But others do not receive a meaningful education—and too many have suffered horrific abuse. The federal government must develop basic standards for safety and quality of education in home­school­ing across the country.”

The publication had to acknowledge that homeschooled kids have been very successful, then threw in horror stories about abuse.

Horrific homeschooling stories are not at all representative of homeschooling.

Also, public schools have an abysmal record in terms of education as well as abuse.

In the Chicago Public School system alone, there are hundreds of open cases of alleged sexual misconduct against students.

Your kids belong to the state

The bottom line is that the Left believes that your children belong to them.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe lost his second gubernatorial bid to Glenn Youngkin in large part because he said, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Many on the Left believe that the planet is overpopulated and that having children is immoral, which means that leftists are less likely to reproduce than conservatives and people in religious communities.

That’s why the Left need mass immigration and a monopoly on public schools in order to propagandize other people’s kids.

If the Left could outright ban homeschooling, they would.

Germany banned it, so make no mistake that that is where leftists in America want to go.

Scientific American added that “home­school parents could be required to pass an initial background check, as every state requires for all K–12 teachers. Home­school instructors could be required to submit documents every year to their local school district or to a state agency to show that their children are learning.”

The Left always project where they want to go.

The idea starts in some academic department, then gets laundered into the mainstream through the Democrat Media Complex.

Homeschooling is becoming too popular, so the Left have their sights on it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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