Outrageous move to put a thumb on the scales of justice in the Rittenhouse story will disgust you

Leftists set their narrative about Kyle Rittenhouse long before the trial started.

They’d uphold it at all costs.

And this outrageous move to put a thumb on the scales of justice in the Rittenhouse story will disgust you.

The railroading of Kyle Rittenhouse by the Left is a textbook example of Big Tech and radical left-wing activists working hand in hand.

Kyle was declared guilty as soon as he defended himself and prominent Democrats and their allies sprang into action.

Joe Biden and the radical Left defamed him as a terrorist and a murderer.

Big Tech began censoring shows of support for Rittenhouse on their platforms while leaving outrageous accusations against him untouched.

In the heart of the Rittenhouse trial, as Kyle’s case for innocence looked better than ever, Twitter still hadn’t stopped censoring his supporters.

That includes Kyle’s mother, Wendy.

Most outrageously, it includes her efforts to crowdfund her sons legal defense on Twitter.

She blasted Big Tech and the corporate-controlled media for their disgusting actions in the case.

She tweeted, “The media & many who know better viciously lied about my son from he (sic) start. Tech companies tried to crush & deplatform @freekyleusa over 20x, often w/o explanation.”

She closed with “We are facing tremendous expenses to help Kyle win this case & could use your help.”

Twitter censored her tweet disabling the retweet button and costing her the ability to get much-needed exposure for the crowdfunding efforts.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) of Georgia tweeted out a screenshot of Wendy Rittenhouse’s tweet and blasted Twitter for disabling retweets.

She said “Communism is real” and continued with “If we don’t fit their narrative, the left works together to make us disappear.”

She savaged the radical left in closing saying, “You can’t erase us, we out number you.”

This is the latest in Big Tech’s attempt to cancel any crowd funding of Rittenhouse’s defense.

PayPal and GoFundMe previously shut down fundraising attempts.

As the trial concludes, you can be sure the Big Tech censors efforts will get even more brazen.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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