Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn ripped Hollywood up and down for a reason no one expected

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Leftists are torpedoing the film industry.

Tinseltown has leaned liberal for decades, but the inmates are now running the asylum.

And Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn ripped Hollywood up and down for a reason no one expected.

Penn rips politicization of the casting process

Sean Penn is an old-school Hollywood leftist who is fed up with at least one aspect of the “woke” movement.

He is the latest actor to come out against the idea that only gay actors can play gay roles.

Similarly, leftists have argued that able-bodied actors cannot play disabled characters.

For example, if the character is in a wheelchair, the actor must be wheelchair-bound in real life.

This undermines the entire concept of acting, which is that the performer can take on a new identity.

Penn said on The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast, “Look, I’m totally on board with any industry—every industry, the movie business as well—confronting the problem of what had been minimal diversity. . .There’s nobody of any gender or any race or any alternate lifestyle that I’m not interested in if they have a story in their heart they want to tell.”

Penn gave the boilerplate liberal disclaimer before going into his criticism.

He continued, “What I know is that the solution is not limiting the casting of Hamlet to Danish princes. And not only is it an attack on imagination that is our bread and butter, but [it] is a demonstration of the unimaginative who would ask it. And I find it culturally offensive and venal and sad that that’s the easy solution for people to have groupthink on and all those defenses.”

This is what happens when activists and administrators taste power.

They justify their existence by becoming busybodies.

Penn added, “You know. . .I feel so lucky I got to play Harvey Milk because guess what, for me as an actor that wasn’t a gay man or a straight man, that was a different personality—and that’s what we’re supposed to be able to do.”

Unable to play certain roles today

Penn won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Milk.

He was also nominated for Best Actor in the film I Am Sam where he plays a special needs character.

Under today’s “woke” paradigm, he would not be able to play either character.

“I don’t know the solution,” Penn added. “I don’t know where it’ll go, but I would not be allowed to play that role today. That’s certain.”

Penn made similar comments in a recent New York Times interview.

He explained that a straight actor playing a gay character “could not happen in a time like this.”

“It’s a time of tremendous overreach. It’s a timid and artless policy toward the human imagination,” he concluded.

Penn is right.

Actress Scarlett Johansson was bullied out of a project by activists where she was set to play a female-to-male transgender person.

Johansson backed out, and the project died.

Of course, activists do not apply this principle in reverse.

They would throw a fit if a gay actor were disqualified from playing a heterosexual role.

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