One Trump staffer is crafting a plan to fight Big Tech

Big Tech is behaving like a wrecking ball.

Social media giants are destroying lives and livelihoods with no consequence.

But one Trump staffer is crafting a plan to fight Big Tech.

Kash Patel, who served in several roles within the Trump administration including Pentagon Chief of Staff, has a plan to push back against Big Tech and the corporate-controlled press.

Patel is setting up a trust to raise money for lawsuits against the so-called “mainstream” media and Silicon Valley tech giants that slander people.

Patel said during an interview:

“It got to the point where these personal attacks became more than just attacks, they became defamatory statements they would put out there. It got to the point where they went so far over the line that you’ve just got to say, ‘Enough’s enough.’ And I know I’m not the only one they did it to. And so we said, ‘Let’s get after them.’ We have to take a stand, we have to be able to fight for those who are similarly situated and take them to court, take the CNNs and the Politicos and The New York Times and The Washington Posts to court and call them out for their reckless conduct and take the Twitter and Facebook and tech giants to court and call them out for the same, their un-platforming and unlawful activities.”

Patel’s strategy is an important one.

The corporate-controlled press and Big Tech have been allowed to slander anyone who gets in their way with virtually no resistance.

But conservatives are finally beginning to fight back.

In addition to Patel’s trust, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is suing The New York Times for defamation.

Patel has cases against CNN and Politico, and he has his sights set on Twitter, which won’t ban an account impersonating him.

That detail is particularly ironic considering Twitter banned O’Keefe under dubious circumstances for allegedly controlling fake accounts.

O’Keefe has active litigation against Twitter as well.

It’s time for Republicans and conservatives to stop grumbling about the press and Big Tech, and do something about it.

Lawfare is one strategy that the Right has been loath to engage in.

But the Left is excellent at lawfare – they try to break people’s will through endless litigation.

Perhaps fighting back with something about finger-wagging is necessary to get the Left to stop.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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