One top Democrat just got busted as a climate change fraud with one move

The Left has been sounding the alarm about climate change for decades.

They’ve used scare tactics to justify centralizing control in the hands of the federal government.

But one top Democrat got busted as a climate change fraud with one move.

Pete Buttigieg has been anointed as a rising star within the Democrat party.

The former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana – who had zero discernible accomplishments in that office – catapulted to a contender in the Democrat Primary because he became a media sensation.

He and the other so-called “moderates” dropped out of the race after the South Carolina primary to pave the way for Joe Biden to occupy the “moderate” lane.

Buttigieg was rewarded for toeing the party with an appointment as Secretary of Transportation – his qualification for the job was that he loved airports.

Buttigieg and other Democrats have searched for schemes to disincentivize cheap and efficient fossil fuels in favor of big-government “green” boondoggles – Buttigieg himself proposed a mileage tax, which would fall primarily on rural Americans.

But the newly minted Transportation Secretary got busted riding in a gas-guzzling SUV to his destination, then riding his bicycle a short distance because optics matter more than principle in Washington, D.C.

Radicals have long taken over the environmentalist movement, and they have no shame in using apocalyptic rhetoric to push their agenda.

Every five years, the hysterics tell the masses that the planet only has ten years left before it’s too late.

Global warming was supposed to trigger a cataclysmic event, then global cooling, now the nebulous “climate change” will bring about doom.

Meanwhile, establishment elites like Buttigieg and climate czar John Kerry avail themselves of private jets and SUV security details while encouraging everyone else to “decarbonize” their lives.

They’re special so they don’t have to follow the rules.

The disaster projections have never come true – the best way to mitigate the impact of climate change is through energy efficiency and technological development through free enterprise.

Economist William Nordhaus won the Nobel Prize in 2018 for his work on climate change, and he argued that a changing environment could cost roughly 1% of GDP in the future.

That can easily be overcome with economic growth and sound fiscal policy.

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