One state is pushing hard to end Big Tech censorship

Big Tech is doing the bidding of the Democrat Party.

Conservatives have been getting banned from social media for years, and it’s only getting worse.

Now one state is pushing hard to end Big Tech censorship.

The Big Tech oligarchs conspired to remove Donald Trump from every major social media platform.

Trump’s ouster from social media served as a wake-up call for many, even for people who had open antipathy for Trump, such as German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Trump’s Presidency gave Republicans a shot of coverage, and now states are getting serious about fighting Big Tech censorship on a local level.

Texas State Senator Lois Kolkhorst introduced SB 1158, which would prohibit Big Tech giants from censorship on the grounds of political speech.

The Heartland Institute wrote of the bill:

“This legislation would ensure that any social media company that unduly censors free speech be held accountable for such actions. According to the bill, the Texas attorney general would maintain a list of social media companies that censor political speech. Any state governmental entity that owns direct or indirect holdings in any of the companies on the attorney general’s list must send written notice informing the company of its status on the list, warn the company that it may become subject to divestment, and offer the company an opportunity to clarify its activities related to censorship.”

The Heartland Institute went on to argue that social media platforms have become the new public square, therefore free speech must be upheld.

According to a study, 3.6 billion people around the world use at least one social network.

Censorship of conservatives, libertarians, and counter-narrative leftists is becoming a serious issue in a world that’s more interconnected via social media.

Some on the Right argue that legislation would not be beneficial in the long run, but either way, the culture of free speech is eroding and the conversation needs to be had before the Left bowls over First Amendment protections while hiding behind Big Tech.

The government gives Big Tech platforms special protections, so at minimum, those protections should be stripped if they’re abusing their power to manipulate public discourse.

Conveniently, all allowable online opinions dovetail with the Democrat Party, which is precisely how a fascist country operates.

The merger of the state and Big Tech into a corporatist system is a threat to all Americans.

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