One Senate candidate called out the nightmarish thing Big Tech is doing

Big Tech is running amok.

They’re using their considerable power to undermine America’s culture of free speech.

And one Senate candidate called out the nightmarish thing Big Tech is doing.

Bestselling author and Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance is making Big Tech censorship a major plank of his campaign.

Vance has been very outspoken about the dangers of Big Tech and how it is working to erode American freedoms.

PayPal recently announced that it would be working with the Anti-Defamation League to target so-called “right-wing domestic terrorists.”

This is the War on Terror being turned inward, and there appear to be no limiting principles.

It’s easy to see how this witch hunt for supposed right-wing militias and other groups will branch out to include mainstream conservatives.

After the Capitol Hill riot, there were calls to blacklist anyone who supported Donald Trump.

The Left has no compunction about destroying their political enemies.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), another civil rights group that has been co-opted by the hard Left, has already been exposed as a left-wing attack dog.

The SPLC had to pay a settlement to liberal British commentator Maajid Nawaz, a practicing Muslim, after slandering him as an anti-Islam hate preacher because of his criticism of Islamic radicalism and terrorism.

The ADL will undoubtedly be just as sloppy as the SPLC with its characterizations.

All it takes is one hit piece to destroy someone’s life – the retraction seldom does any good.

If Vance is serious about taking on Big Tech and its creeping authoritarianism, he will inspire a lot more confidence than so many toothless Republicans in Congress.

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