One Prince just opened the door for a mind-numbing attack on his own base

Cancel culture has yet to show any signs of slowing down.

A handful of “woke” activists have been allowed to do major damage.

Now one Prince has opened the door for a mind-numbing attack on his own base.

The radical leftist regime’s activists have succeeded in bullying another cowardly company into doing their bidding.

Businesses were supposed to be a bulwark against “woke” insanity.

But that has not turned out to be the case.

Many companies have bent the knee to the woke mob, or are woke themselves.

Worse yet, the government has gotten involved in Big Tech, and the establishment is currently on the side of the radical Left because they are useful idiots and disruptors.

Now companies can cave to pressure at any moment and deny service to customers.

And internet services company Cloudflare is now among them.

Matthew Prince, Chief Executive Officer of website security giant Cloudflare made a stunning announcement.

The company, which forms much of the security backbone the Internet and content hosts rely on, just caved to external pressure.

Bloomberg reported that “Cloudflare Inc. blocked Kiwi Farms on Saturday, days after hinting it will continue working with the controversial discussion forum despite weeks of pressure. The company has blocked Kiwi Farms content from being accessed through its infrastructure after an escalation in rhetoric and ‘specific, targeted threats’ over the past 48 hours, Chief Executive Officer Matthew Prince said in a blog post…Previously, Cloudflare offered security services to Kiwi Farms. Visitors to Kiwi Farms sites that use any of its services will now see a Cloudflare block page and a link to Prince’s post. Cloudflare came under pressure to drop Kiwi Farms as a customer after the online forum known for harassment and hate campaigns recently forced a well-known transgender Twitch streamer into hiding.”

Cloudflare ultimately dropped Kiwi Farms a campaign from transgender activist Clara Sorrenti, born Lucas Roberts.

Bloomberg added that “Clara Sorrenti, who has been leading the charge to force Cloudflare to terminate services for Kiwi Farms, said the move ‘deals a big blow to Kiwi Farms and their community.’ If the site ever becomes active again, the campaign must ‘continue fighting’ and pressure other companies that provide services to it…”

If Cloudflare wants to deny service to Kiwi Farms, pressure campaigns from radical transgender activists should not be the reason why.

The difficult challenge for consumers is figuring out which companies are operating at their own behest, and which ones are being puppeteered by activists or the government.

The country is currently suffering from a regime of censorship, and the problem seems to be getting worse every day.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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