One poll shows how Americans believe Big Tech is getting away with corruption

Big Tech has too much control over Americans’ lives.

More people are beginning to understand that reality.

And one poll shows how Americans believe Big Tech is getting away with corruption.

The Big Tech giants all seemed harmless when they brought convenience to the public.

But now that they’ve become largely indispensable to a huge chunk of the population, the corporations are lording their power over the country.

And an overwhelming number of Americans believe the Silicon Valley titans use their money and influence to insulate themselves from government oversight.

Breitbart reports:

“Three-quarters of Americans believe that big tech companies avoid regulation by having too much influence in Washington, DC, according to a poll released Tuesday. Americans across the political spectrum, or 75 percent, overwhelmingly believe that big tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google spend “tens of millions of dollars on political donations and lobbying” to avoid government regulation. They also believe that big tech companies have too much influence in D.C.”

Big Tech learned its lesson after Microsoft was broken up.

Bill Gates originally planned to stay away from politics, but eventually hired an army of lawyers and lobbyists to help craft regulation.

The other Big Tech giants do the same.

That’s a big reason why they get away with so much without ever facing any real consequences.

For example, Twitter operates like a publisher by curating content, but regulatory exemptions allow them not to be held liable.

Big Tech has largely merged with the Democrat establishment, but mainstream Republican-leaning institutions cannot be let off the hook.

Breitbart continued:

“The American Principles Project (APP) has warned Republican lawmakers and staff about the dangers of working with conservative groups funded by big tech. Google provides ‘substantial funding’ to the R Street Institute, Tech Freedom, and AEI. The search giant also donates to National Review. Google, as well as Facebook, backs the Competitive Enterprise Institute.”

The past few years have shown that Big Tech is perfectly willing to do the bidding of the establishment.

Facebook, Twitter, and every other major social media platform simultaneously booted Donald Trump at the behest of Democrats in power.

The behavior of these social media companies shows that they should no longer be awarded special protections.

If they’re going to behave like extensions of the government, then they must be treated as such.

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