One man who put Biden in the White House got caught up in a jaw-dropping scandal

The entire Democratic establishment circled the wagons to get Joe Biden elected.

He didn’t even have to leave his basement and campaign.

And one man who put Biden in the White House got caught up in a jaw-dropping scandal.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent over $400 million in cash that is widely-acknowledged amounted to a secret get out the vote campaign in Democrat precincts in several key swing states in 2020.

The “Zuck Bucks” were instrumental, particularly in Wisconsin, in getting Joe Biden elected.

Now, a new report suggests that Zuckerberg quietly planted stories in newspapers around the country to stop the government from regulating his company.

The Washington Post reported that “weeks after senators advanced a sweeping bill to expand competition in the tech industry, a regional newspaper more than 2,000 miles from Silicon Valley ran a defensive op-ed. ‘Instead of attacking these digital platforms, we need to work with these companies toward innovation and access for our businesses to survive,’ Clayton Stanley, the president and CEO of The Alliance, an economic development organization in northeastern Mississippi, wrote in the Mississippi Business Journal.”

That was one of many stories produced by a media campaign from American Edge, which was getting funding from Facebook parent company Meta.

An anonymous source close to Facebook told The Post, “Facebook can’t be the messenger…If we are out there saying it, people won’t believe it as much, so the conversation is how can you set up a proxy.” 

If  Zuckerberg is willing to conduct shadow campaigns to sway elections and plant misleading stories, there’s no telling what his company won’t do.

And yet they do all of that while accusing millions of their users that it’s users like them engaged in spreading misinformation and must be censored.

But it’s becoming more and more clear exactly who the real “users” are and what or who they’re using. 

The Post added that “backed by millions from Facebook-parent company Meta, American Edge has launched a full-throated campaign to combat antitrust legislation in Washington, placing op-eds in regional papers throughout the country, commissioning studies, and collaborating with a surprising array of partners, including minority business associations, conservative think tanks, and former national security officials. It’s a political playbook more common to other industries, including pharmaceuticals, tobacco and telecommunications.”

The Left are eager to keep Big Tech under their thumb, so of course they frame opposition to regulation as a by-product of conservative think tanks.

The truth is not that simple.

People on both sides of the aisle have been pro and anti-regulation of Facebook and other Big Tech companies.

The right-wingers who are pro-regulation want Facebook and other platforms that have essentially become the de facto public square to be more respectful of free speech.

Left-wingers want the opposite – they want the platforms to silence their political opponents under the guise of shutting down so-called “hate speech” and “disinformation.”

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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