One lawsuit threatens to blow the lid off of the Joe Biden Big Tech collusion

Big Tech’s the enforcer for the Democrat’s narrative.

This cozy relationship has gotten tighter under Joe Biden.

Now one lawsuit threatens to blow the lid off of the Joe Biden Big Tech collusion.

After 2020, suspicion grew about the cozy relationship between Big Tech and the Democrat Party.

Social media companies worked overtime to carry Joe Biden over the finish line in the election.

Anyone questioning the liberal narrative on the pandemic, the election or Hunter Biden was ruthlessly censored.

During Biden’s presidency, the regime has gone all in on calling for the censorship of their political opponents accusing them of spreading misinformation.

Misinformation is any speech the Left doesn’t like painting the target for Big Tech censorship.

Big Tech’s happily obliged silencing critics of the regime.

After journalist and Fauci critic Alex Berenson was banned by Twitter, he filed a lawsuit against the company.

In a shocking move, Twitter settled with Berenson restoring his account on the platform.

After the settlement, Berenson and his attorneys claimed that Twitter censored him on behalf of the government.

Now, a victory in a lawsuit could give a pair of Republican attorney generals the chance to get to the bottom of the Biden Big Tech collusion.

In May, Missouri Attorney General Erich Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sued the Biden regime claiming the government officials colluded with Big Tech to censor topics like the pandemic and the 2020 election.

Big Tech titans Twitter, YouTube and Facebook parent company Meta were named in the suit.

Now, a federal court in Louisiana has granted the attorney general’s motion for discovery in the case.

Biden officials and Big Tech will be legally bound to turn over information about their collusion.

The motions granted the attorney generals the power to request documents and issue written questions to Biden officials and Big Tech companies.

They’ll also be able to issue third party subpoenas against a limited number of Big Tech companies not named in the suit to hand over information. 

The attorney generals plan to request the identity of Biden officials who worked with Big Tech on “disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, or any form of censorship or suppression of online speech” along with communications between the two on those topics.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said this was the first time a Big Tech lawsuit had the chance to “look under the hood” at the collusion between Biden and Big Tech.

In a release Schmitt said, “The Court granted our motion for discovery, paving the way for my Office to gather important documents to get to the bottom of that alleged collusion – this is a huge development.”

“We are very happy with the ruling permitting discovery into the federal government’s plan to turn itself into speech police,” Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The attorney generals will have the chance to expose the disturbing collusion between the Biden regime and Big Tech to silence their political opponents. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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