One Hollywood actress broke with the Left’s COVID gospel and what the Black Panther star faces now will leave you disgusted

From government to Big Tech to sports and Hollywood, the COVID regime is cracking the whip.

Dissenting voices are shut down and anyone admitted to elite circles who hesitates following orders is immediately punished or silenced completely.

And what one Black Panther star faces after she broke with the Left’s COVID gospel will leave you disgusted.

Actress Letitia Wright of Marvel’s Black Panther is reportedly skating on thin ice after expressing her views about the COVID vaccine.

Wright, a devout Christian, has been asking questions about the vaccine since last December, but any dissent against the COVID regime must be muzzled in Hollywood.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

“While vaccine skeptics are far less likely to voice their opinions publicly, plenty of industry holdouts remain. A number of performers, from Rob Schneider (now shooting Netflix’s Home Team) to Letitia Wright (filming Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever) have shared anti-vaccine positions on social media. In Wright’s case, a set source says she has espoused similar views about the COVID-19 vaccines on the Atlanta production. The British actress quietly parted ways with her entire U.S. team of representatives in the wake of a backlash over posting a controversial anti-vaccine video in December.”

Prior to Wright losing her representation, she was harassed into leaving social media.

What’s even more galling about the pushback against Wright is the fact that prominent Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were expressing doubt about the vaccine around the same time.

Once the COVID regime has made a decision, all previous discussion is superseded and discarded.

Even people who have received the vaccine are turned off by the draconian mandates that are forcing people to choose the jab or their job.

Wright’s character is essential to the Black Panther sequel, so she can’t be taken out now that the filming process has wrapped, but her future employment in Hollywood could be greatly affected by her stance.

It’s a good sign the culture is starting to turn, when resistance to the vaccine and mandates in Hollywood, sports and music are on the rise.

There are people at least willing to ask questions about the COVID regime’s decrees instead of doing whatever they’re told without any thought.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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