One Governor made a strong move to save the country from the Radical Left

Americans are fed up with cancel culture and the nonsensical “woke” outrage mob.

But so many people are afraid to speak out against it and don’t know where it came from.

But one Governor made a strong move to save the country from the radical Left.

Ron DeSantis has solidified his title as the best Governor in America.

He cleaned up the election shenanigans in Broward County that nearly made far-left candidate Andrew Gillum the Governor of Florida.

DeSantis pushed back against the COVID-19 fearmongers and kept his economy afloat while protecting the elderly in his state.

Now DeSantis is the first Governor to follow Donald Trump’s lead and ban the scourge known as Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools.

This is an important move that every single Republican Governor should be duplicating.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a neo-Marxist ideology that’s been festering on college campuses for over half a century.

The old Marxist dialectic of oppressor versus oppressed did not take off in America as it did in other countries because America was upwardly mobile and had a flourishing middle class.

In order to combat this “problem,” radical Leftists in the 1950s began applying Marxism to identity groups: chiefly race, gender, sexual orientation.

It’s a hateful philosophy that divides people along identity lines with the intent of dismantling capitalism.

CRT is now making its way into the mainstream because decades of devotees have moved into politics, government, K-12 education, media, and even corporate America.

Trump issued an executive order banning CRT and sister ideologies from being implemented in the federal government, but Joe Biden immediately reversed it.

That’s why Governors like DeSantis need to ban this garbage at the state level before it further takes root.

Hopefully other Republican Governors are paying attention and willing to use their power while they still have it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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