One Governor is leading the charge against Biden’s authoritarian plans for America

The Democrats are going for broke with Joe Biden in office.

They’re attempting to implement shocking government crackdowns in the name of “safety.”

But one Governor is leading the charge against Biden’s authoritarian plans for America.

The Biden administration is working with the private sector on a COVID-19 vaccine passport that could prohibit people from using services if they have not been vaccinated.

That is a truly nightmarish power play, but the Democrats are moving full speed ahead on their fascistic agenda.

But Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who’s perhaps established himself as the best Governor in America, is taking a stand against the COVID tyranny that has sprung up across the country.

DeSantis announced that he would be taking executive action against the vaccine passports being pushed by the establishment.

DeSantis also led the way on banning the neo-Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in Florida public schools.

The corporate-controlled press has been hounding DeSantis for months because he avoided the COVID orthodoxy and didn’t lock down his state for an entire year.

DeSantis’s handling of COVID provides a stark contrast to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who not only had one of the worst COVID death rates in the world, but also covered up the number of nursing home deaths.

The Democratic establishment likely sees DeSantis a credible presidential candidate in 2024, and they want to cut him off at the pass as soon as possible.

COVID is being trotted out as an excuse for spending trillions of dollars and plummeting further into debt, bailing out irresponsible blue states, and worst of all trampling over American freedoms.

More Governors need to follow DeSantis’s lead and exercise state power to push back against the blatant federal overreach from the Biden administration.

If the establishment implements nightmarish vaccine passports, it would signal the end of American liberty.

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