One Governor called out Big Tech’s sickening double standard

Republicans and conservatives are more aware than ever of media bias.

But some still haven’t caught on to the bias of Big Tech.

And one Governor called out Big Tech’s sickening double standard.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is staking his claim as the best Governor in America.

He kept his state open during the pandemic while protecting the elderly population, and he stood up to the radical Left on culture issues, namely blocking the Marxist doctrine of critical race theory from being taught in public schools.

DeSantis has also gone after Big Tech companies for their blatant censorship of conservatives on their platforms.

He recently signed SB 7072, a bill that will give political candidates the opportunity to sue social media companies that silence them against their terms of service.

DeSantis also pointed out the absurd double standard of these companies.


Donald Trump was summarily banned from every single social media platform in response to the Capitol Hill riot, but literal terrorist groups are allowed to operate freely on the sites.

The move from the Big Tech oligarchs was so shocking that even some of Trump’s detractors lambasted his exile.

The german chancellor, members of French government, and far-left actress Emily Ratajkowski all denounced the move by Facebook and Twitter and others.

If the President of the United States can be censored at the drop of a hat, then anyone can.

That sets a dangerous precedent.

DeSantis is leading the charge in clawing back some of the troubling power that Big Tech has.

They shouldn’t be allowed to put their thumb on the scales and influence elections, which is precisely what they did in 2020.

The Democrats and their allies in Big Tech collaborated to ensure that 2016 could never happen again.

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