One far-left group is calling for Amazon to ramp up censorship even more

Big Tech censorship is one of the scariest challenges on the horizon.

As the public square has moved online, silencing voices can have serious effects.

And one far-left group is calling for Amazon to ramp up censorship even more.

The Anti-Defamation League wants Twitch, Amazon’s video game streaming platform, to strengthen its censorship protocols in order to curb “hate and harassment.”

The ADL said of Twitch:

“Other factors appear to be the extensive and customizable suite of tools Twitch provides to community moderators to address hate. However, this suite is not consistent across Twitch as the problems that plagued a recent Twitch event hosted by comedian Jimmy Fallon on April 6 shows. And even platform announcement events hosted by Twitch itself have turned into spaces full of hate and harassment.”

In other words, when establishment shills like Fallon get criticized, “hate” speech becomes a problem that must be censored.

The ADL recommended that Twitch “dedicates additional resources, training, and compensation to ensure a robust pipeline of skilled and experienced community moderators [to] help make the platform a more welcoming space for all people.”

That means Twitch should hire ADL-approved moderators to silence any speech that goes against any establishment narratives.

Twitch, along with every other major social media platform, permanently banned Donald Trump, which was a chilling shot across the bow of free speech.

Big Tech companies showed that they could silence the President of the United States and get away with it.

The average citizen has almost no chance to push back unless the Big Tech’s power grab is curtailed.

Also, Twitch recently announced that users could be banned for offline behavior:

“Our current guidelines state that in some serious cases where there is available, verifiable evidence, we may take action against users for hateful conduct or harassment that occurs off Twitch services – meaning on social media, other online services, or even offline – when directed at members of the Twitch community.”

One way to fight against Big Tech is through competition, but the gatekeepers make that avenue incredibly difficult.

Parler tried to compete with Twitter, but they were digitally assassinated by Apple, Google, and Amazon simultaneously.

The Left is going after payment processors, so that’s the next chokepoint that needs to be circumvented.

The spread of cryptocurrency could be the innovation that cracks the Big Tech firewall and allows right-leaning or even apolitical business owners to operate freely.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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