One cringeworthy video sending shivers down Americans’ spines just exposed Facebook’s so-called fact checkers

Big Tech is clearly in bed with the Democratic establishment.

Social media giants fiercely defend whatever narrative Democrats want.

And one cringeworthy video sending shivers down Americans’ spines just exposed Facebook’s so-called fact checkers.

Joe Biden has been caught on camera numerous times caressing young children during photo ops and other public events.

The moments were so common that he and the Democrats eventually had to address it.

They wrote the incidents off as good ole Joe goofing around harmlessly.

Whether or not that’s true, people on the internet are allowed to comment and joke about his cringeworthy behavior.

But not anymore.

Now “independent” fact-checkers are censoring and putting warning labels on social media posts regarding Biden’s propensity to get handsy.

From Breitbart:

Facebook “fact checkers” including USA Today, Reuters, and Lead Stories, are “fact checking” a video clip on Instagram of Joe Biden caressing his grandson at a funeral, alleging that the clip is “missing context” even when no description has been added. The fact checkers are adding warning labels to the post across Facebook and Instagram.

Fake News Network, a popular Instagram meme page with 500,000 followers, posted the clip yesterday with the caption “cornpop is at it again,” only to be immediately “fact checked.”



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A label on the short Instagram clip reads: Missing context: The same information was reviewed by independent fact-checkers in another post.

Instagram, which was acquired by Facebook roughly a decade ago, has come under scrutiny in the wake of Facebook being put through the wringer by the corporate press.

Targeting memes and videos that mock the Left is a way for these companies to essentially bribe the Left into leaving them alone.

In addition to that, many of these companies are staffed with true-believer “woke” employees, including in the C-suite.

This is just the latest episode of so-called objective fact-checkers running interference for Biden.

USA Today claimed it false that Biden checked his watch numerous times during a transfer ceremony for slain soldiers coming back from Afghanistan.

But after multiple Gold-Star families confirmed Biden’s actions, USA Today altered their fact check to “missing context.”

In other words, anything that counters the establishment narrative must be reframed to fit that narrative, or ignored altogether.

These levels of censorship cannot hold.

Social media giants have taken their positions for granted, but competitors could arise to supplant them over time.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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