One conservative organization is being targeted yet again by “woke” companies

Big Tech companies are beginning to flex their muscles.

The Democrats are beaming with joy as left-wing organizations do the politicians’ dirty work.

And one conservative organization is being targeted yet again by “woke” companies.

The Left hates PragerU because it’s so effective in spreading conservative messages online.

PragerU has 2.91 million subscribers on YouTube, and billions of views.

That’s why another “woke” company is targeting them.

The video player software company JW Player purged PragerU after updating its arbitrary “community guidelines.”

Despite ten years of business and billions of views, JW Player cut ties because they claim “PragerU’s content is misleading.”

Meanwhile, openly socialist channels like the Gravel Institute enjoy no such harassment on YouTube or any other platform.

PragerU said in a statement:

“Every time we’ve hit a wall, we’ve been able to find a workaround. But now, we’re facing a serious new threat, which we are working tirelessly to resolve,” said Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. “In true cowardly fashion, JW Player has refused to give us specifics and opted to hide behind third party ‘fact-checkers’ to get rid of us.”

JW Player’s current clients include left-wing media outlets like The Young Turks and Vice, which produce thousands of videos with politically-charged narratives that divide our country and teach young people to resent America. But somehow, those videos meet “community guidelines.”

These are the minefields that conservative content creators must navigate on a daily basis.

Because so much communication is handled digitally, left-wing tech companies wield considerable power over conservative entities trying to spread their message.

PragerU has had videos about the Ten Commandments and other mainstream topics pulled from YouTube.

Any companies that are counter-narrative have to find ways around the left-wing chokepoints.

Twitter competitor Parler found that out the hard way when it was deplatformed by Apple, Google, and Amazon all at once.

Even when conservatives build their own platform, it has to deal with the left-wing gatekeepers.

It’s a serious problem that needs a serious solution beyond hand-wringing.

More platforms are popping up, which is good because it decentralizes control.

But payment processors and banking institutions are still roadblocks that haven’t yet been conquered.

The Left can feel its grip on media slipping away, and they’re going to desperate lengths to reclaim it.

PragerU has built a loyal following, so companies like JW Player will only serve to open more people’s eyes.

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