One conservative group is warning Republicans about what Big Tech is doing to influence them

Big Tech is quickly seizing control of communication systems.

The public square now exists online, and Silicon Valley oligarchs rule the roost.

And one conservative group is warning Republicans about what Big Tech is doing to influence them.

Jon Schweppe, Director of Policy and Government Affairs for the American Principles Project (APP), wrote a letter to Republican lawmakers about Big Tech’s incursion into the conservative movement.

Schweppe pointed out that Big Tech giants like Google and Facebook have been funding conservative websites and think tanks.

Breitbart reports:

“NBC News reported in July 2019 that many ‘supposedly libertarian’ and conservative organizations have been funded by big tech companies such as Google and Facebook.

In its own words, Google provides ‘substantial funding’ to the R Street Institute, Tech Freedom, and AEI. The search giant also donates to National Review. Google, as well as Facebook, backs the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Schweppe also noted that Washington Monthly profiled the rise of the [Koch Industries-funded] Alliance for Antitrust, which is ‘dedicated to pushing a pro-monopoly line on Republicans’ for policy surrounding big tech.”

Both establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans are part of the problem.

That’s why both factions were so virulently against Donald Trump.

Trump served as a disruptor to the establishment status quo.

Big Tech is a relatively new player on the scene that’s attempting to buy off the establishment.

Meanwhile, the public is seeing the culture of free speech eroding as Big Tech firms are tailoring the discourse to suit the establishment.

Schweppe wrote in his letter:

“Unfortunately, we must now conclude that the sheer effectiveness of Big Tech’s rending of the Constitution has been at least in part due to its ability to corrupt certain Republicans. Each and every year, Big Tech is spending incalculable sums of money to launder its worldview, one that sacrifices American sovereignty and eliminates individual rights, through a network of seemingly disinterested ‘conservative’ advocacy groups. Alas, it is hardly surprising then that as the threats to free speech online have grown, so too have the checks written by Big Tech.”

The absurd “it’s a private company” argument entirely misses the point.

When companies are getting subsidies and special carve-outs from the government while doing the government’s bidding, they’re not operating as free market actors.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails that were released due to a FOIA request showed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was eager to work at the behest of the federal government with regard to COVID messaging.

Conservatives need to be much more vigilant about what Big Tech companies are doing and who’s defending them.

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