One buried Democrat sex scandal involving the Clintons just came back from the dead

Hillary Clinton is considering another run for President.

She sees an opening in 2024 because the Democrats have such a weak bench.

But one buried Democrat sex scandal involving the Clintons just came back from the dead.

Democrats are desperate for the Jeffrey Epstein scandal to go away.

The convicted sex trafficker died of suicide in prison under mysterious circumstances.

And Ghislaine Maxwell, the madam of his operation, was recently convicted without revealing the names of any powerful clients.

The scandal looked to be tied up neatly with Epstein dead and Maxwell in prison and not talking.

But now, Maxwell is seeking a new trial after one of the jurors on her trial allegedly lied on a questionnaire.

The juror was supposedly the victim of sexual assault as a child, but said he was not on the questionnaire.

The juror now intends to plead the Fifth Amendment in an upcoming court hearing.

CNBC reported that federal prosecutors, “will seek an order compelling ‘Juror 50,’ who is refusing to answer questions, to testify at that hearing, according to a new filing in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. Such an order would grant the man immunity from prosecution based on his testimony. Juror 50 allegedly failed to disclose that he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child on the questionnaire during jury selection for Maxwell’s trial. But the man, whose name CNBC is not publishing, later told reporters he had disclosed that fact to fellow jurors during deliberations in the case.”

The Epstein saga has garnered much interest from the public, but the so-called mainstream media have been less eager to cover it.

ABC News reporter Amy Robach revealed on a hot mic that she had the Epstein bombshell report back in 2015, but the story was spiked by higher-ups at the network.

Robach said that ABC News wanted an interview with Queen Elizabeth, thus did not want to detail Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein, which was extensive.

Robach’s revelation also raised questions about the story hitting too close to home for the Clintons because ABC’s lead news anchor is George Stephanopoulos, former White House Communications Director for Bill Clinton.

Hillary Clinton clearly wants to run for President again.

One of her top associates, Democrat super-lawyer Marc Elias, is working to take over Black Lives Matter supposedly to get their finances back in good standing after BLM founders were caught spending lavishly on personal expenses.

Many insist Elias intends to use BLM as both a fundraising engine and as shock troops to help Clinton shut down opponents in a 2024 run.

With Clinton World ramping up for 2024, Ghislaine Maxwell–who was close enough with the Clintons to attend Chelsea’s wedding–being in the news again is the last thing Hillary Clinton wants. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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