One bill could bring Big Tech to its knees – and it’s about time

Big Tech censorship has become a serious threat to the culture of free speech.

Not even the leader of the free world is safe from being silenced.

But one bill could bring big tech to its knees – and it’s about time.

Republican lawmakers are fighting back against the encroachment of Big Government and Big Tech oligarchs willing to do the bidding of the establishment.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has led a wave of federalism against Big Tech by passing laws that determine how the companies are allowed to behave.

Maine is the latest state to get in on the act.

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would make Big Tech companies civilly liable if they abridge free speech rights on ideological grounds.

CNS News reports:

“[L]egislation such as House Bill 1609 would hold that if Big Tech censors an individual for political or religious speech, then the aforementioned individual would have the ability to file suit if he or she did not violate any terms of the user agreement . . . Most interestingly, in a civil action brought under House Bill 1609, a social media website user could be awarded $75,000 if they have been found to be truly censored for their political or religious speech.”

Many businesses and organizations advertise on Facebook, so censorship can have significant financial implications.

Social media platforms have taken over the public square, and the culture of free speech relies on people being able to speak their minds on these sites.

These Big Tech companies are private businesses, but they shouldn’t be receiving special protections or considerations from the government if they’re arbitrarily banning people and deboosting their streams and censoring them in other oblique ways.

Big Tech firms have been given a lot of latitude, and they’re abusing their power.

People are beginning to see the threat of online censorship, and they’re beginning to push back.

If these platforms don’t want to play fair, then they could potentially open themselves up to civil liability.

Also, the Big Tech firms have opened themselves up to competition.

When Amazon Web Services booted Parler from its servers, all they did was scare consumers into looking at competitors.

If Facebook and Twitter begin feeling a crunch in their wallets due to litigation, they might stop playing such obvious partisan games with people.

The Big Tech bros have pushed conservatives and Republicans as far as they can.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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