One Big Tech platform just banned this journalist for a disturbing reason

Censorship is increasing at an alarming rate.

Silicon Valley oligarchs are damaging people’s reputations and livelihoods on flimsy grounds.

And one Big Tech platform just banned this journalist for a disturbing reason.

Investigative journalist Andy Ngo, who made his name exposing Antifa in Portland, has been banned from the music and podcast app SoundCloud.

Ngo’s podcast was summarily removed from the site without any real explanation given.

The Post Millennial reports:

“SoundCloud has de-platformed journalist Andy Ngo’s podcast ‘on the grounds of being dedicated to violating’ the site’s rules. However, the latest episode of the podcast was uploaded more than one year ago and there was no option in the notification email for Ngo to appeal or even seek further information. Ngo’s podcast, ‘Things You Should Ngo,’ hosted heterodox ideas and stories…SoundCloud’s explanation was vague and did not specify an exact reason. When an account is removed for violating SoundCloud’s terms, the user’s account, tracks, followers, and stats are removed from the platform and cannot be returned.”

Ngo has been slandered by the Left, and even beaten by Antifa thugs.

He was admitted to the hospital with brain injury as a result of the attack.

If a progressive journalist had been hospitalized by a crazed right-wing mob, the story never would’ve left the news cycle.

Ngo’s cowardly attackers were caught on camera, and the story was barely covered by the so-called “mainstream” media.

Ngo pointed out on Twitter: “Big Tech is not nonpartisan nor neutral. Being permanently suspended from @SoundCloud without knowing why or even having an opportunity to appeal is how it is now.”

Sadly, Ngo is correct.

These platforms don’t even care about the appearance of bias.

They simply ban conservatives and cite some vague “violation of community guidelines” as the rationale.

Ngo’s podcast hadn’t even had a recent upload, so there was clearly an effort to sift through his catalogue and find a “crime.”

Ngo has recently been in the news because he was beaten again by Antifa, and the media largely ignored it.

Antifa continues to get treated as some freedom-fighting group instead of the authoritarian communists they are.

Ngo has also been in the news because Mumford & Sons banjoist Winston Marshall left the band amid left-wing fury because he complimented Ngo’s bestselling book Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.

The Left has gone so mad that giving praise to a book by a credible journalist is a cancelable offense.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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