One Biden statement about Trump just came back to bite him

Joe Biden’s first two months in office have been disastrous for the country.

He campaigned as the anti-Donald Trump and the American people are quickly getting a vivid picture of how things were better under Trump.

And one Biden statement about Trump just came back to bite him.

Joe Biden has exacerbated the crisis at the southern border with inane immigration policies that are bad both for illegal aliens and everyday Americans.

Biden has also refused to do a live question and answer session with the press, raising questions about his mental acuity.

Biden gave the doubters ammunition by slipping and falling while climbing the steps to Air Force One.

Biden’s tumble comes only a few months after he suffered a hairline fracture while allegedly playing with his dog.

Biden’s fall looks even worse because he mocked Donald Trump on the campaign trail for walking slowly down a ramp.

On top of that, Biden has had one mental gaffe after another.

He recently called Kamala Harris “President Harris” and accidentally put her at the top of the ticket during the Presidential campaign.

Biden routinely loses his train of thought and often looks lost.

Defenders have dismissed his battle with words as childhood stutter coming back, which doesn’t make sense because Biden was much more lucid and coherent only two years ago.

He was also a gaffe machine during the campaign, but the corporate-controlled press was always there to defend him.

Biden’s mental decline is clear to anyone paying attention.

At 78-years-old, he’s the oldest president ever inaugurated, and he looks and sounds like it.

As the southern border crisis roils and gas prices continue to rise, Biden is not exuding any confidence or exhibiting any strength.

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