Obama official is weaponizing one Elon Musk-founded company against America with a bone-chilling plan inspired by Communist China

Democrat elites are ruthless.

They are determined to rein in freedoms, ironically in the name of saving democracy.

Now, this Obama official is weaponizing one Elon Musk-founded company against America with a bone-chilling plan inspired by Communist China.

Dystopian “fiction” keeps becoming real.

The writer of the techno-skeptical dystopian anthology series Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, said he stopped writing the show because society was coming true in real life and it was too depressing.

In a notable episode called “Nosedive,” the idea of a social credit system was introduced.

People would be denied basic services if their score was too low.

Soon after, China implemented such a system, and authoritarian western leaders are nightmarishly following suit.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used the Freedom Convoy as a dry run to deny banking services to people who participated in the protest.

Now, payment juggernaut PayPal is taking the censorship to the next level.

PayPal was founded by Elon Musk.  But after Musk got out, PayPal went off the rails.

Last year it announced a partnership with an outfit run by former Obama-administration official Jonathan Greeblatt — the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Since Greenblatt took the helm at the ADL, the group originally founded to combat anti-Semitism has become nothing but a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

And in recent years, the ADL has become another leftist group that solely exists to hammer the Right and provide cover for the Left.

And now its partnership with PayPal is cranking harder than ever for more financial censorship, with PayPal arbitrarily kicking people off of the platform, and in some cases keeping their money.

Former Rollingstone writer-turned freelance journalist Matt Taibbi wrote that “the online payment platform PayPal without explanation suspended the accounts of a series of individual journalists and media outlets, including the well-known alt sites Consortium News and MintPress. Each received a variation of the following message…”


Consortium News editor Joy Lauria eventually reached a human customer service representative who told him the company had an internal review process (that lasted six months) and they could take the remaining $9,348.14 in the company’s PayPal account as a form of “damages.”

Consortium News and MintPress seemingly made the mistake of running afoul of globalist warmongers.

A contributor for MintPress wrote about the disturbing trend of NATO-associated individuals going to work for Tik Tok.

In a piece entitled “The NATO to TikTok Pipeline: Why is TikTok Employing So Many National Security Agents?”, author Alan MacLeod wrote, “While simultaneously being the Content Policy Lead for TikTok Canada, Alexander Corbeil is also the vice president of the NATO Association of Canada, a NATO-funded organization chaired by former Canadian Minister of Defense David Collenette… Another NATO-linked new recruit is Ayse Koçak, a Global Product Policy manager at the company. Before joining TikTok last year, she spent three years at NATO…”

It’s quite disturbing that PayPal is allegedly doing the bidding of a globalist military alliance.

The first warning sign came in 2010 when PayPal banned donations to Wikileaks.

Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau and Big Tech magnates like Bill Gates and Tim Cook have all openly praised China’s model for governance.

Globalists have made it quite clear that they are willing to engage in fascistic practices in order to achieve their aims.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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