Obama is sweating bullets after one senator revealed the shocking reason the war in Ukraine could get much worse

The war in Ukraine is raging, and the propaganda is coming fast and furious.

Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine has turned into an international crisis.

Now, Barack Obama is sweating bullets after one senator revealed the shocking reason the war in Ukraine could get much worse.

Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression has led to the deaths of thousands, and the displacement of possibly millions.

But it seems few have told the whole truth about the conflict.

Now Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden’s Under Secretary of State, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio dropped some breadcrumbs about the war in Ukraine that could trace back to Barack Obama.

Early in the conflict, there were reports of biolabs in Ukraine that could fall into the hands of Putin.

USA Today’s so-called “fact checkers” reported the claim as “false,” stating “Security Service of Ukraine, the country’s main security agency . . . and the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine have said the claim of U.S. labs is false. Numerous reports indicate it is tied to a years-long Russian disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting the United States.”

The “false,” claim from USA Today, specified that the labs were Ukrainian, and not under the auspices of the United States.

As usual, the establishment and their media pals played a semantic game to justify the “false” claim.

Ukraine has long been under the thumb of the U.S. foreign policy establishment, as evidenced by Biden’s threat to cut off $1 billion in funding if the Ukrainian president didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, the company that paid Hunter Biden $83,000 for a no-show board seat.

However, a 2010 report from BioPrepWatch.com suggests that Barack Obama played a hand in funding a biolab in Ukraine.

The webpage has since been deleted, but the National Pulse obtained a copy archived for posterity.

BioPrepWatch reported that, “U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar applauded the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine, this week, announcing that it will be instrumental in researching dangerous pathogens used by bioterrorists. The level-3 bio-safety lab…will be used to study anthrax, tularemia and Q fever as well as other dangerous pathogens…Lugar said plans for the facility began in 2005 when he and then Senator Barack Obama entered a partnership with Ukrainian officials. Lugar and Obama also helped coordinate efforts between the U.S and Ukrainian researchers that year in an effort to study and help prevent avian flu.”

And it gets more troubling.

In a recent Senate hearing, Nuland confirmed  the existence of “biological research facilities.”

Then Senator Rubio bizarrely laid the foundation for a potential Russia biological attack by asking Nuland, “I’m sure you’re aware that the Russian propaganda groups are already putting out there all kinds of information about how they’ve uncovered a plot by the Ukrainians to release biological weapons in the country with NATO’s coordination. If there is a biological or chemical weapon incident or attack inside of Ukraine, is there any doubt in your mind that 100 percent, it would be the Russians that would be behind it?”

Nuland answered Rubio’s highly specific leading question by responding, “There is no doubt in my mind, Senator. And it is classic Russian technique to blame on the other guy what they’re planning to do themselves.”

It’s incredibly alarming that Rubio and Nuland are talking about biological warfare.

A Twitter account called WarClandestine posted early in the invasion that Putin was targeting biolabs in Ukraine, and the account was promptly banned.

That’s not particularly surprising, given the prevalence of the elites using corporate-controlled media “fact checks” to justify Big Tech bans on information that is true but doesn’t fit the elite’s narrative – at least not at the time.

That became their go-to tactic during the pandemic, used to silence anyone who dared question the Faucian dictates, or say the origins of COVID.

Considering it is now widely accepted that those origins were a biolab like those Biden’s State Department are now admitting to in Ukraine, you’d think Senator Rubio would have had some follow up questions.

The obvious one being why didn’t the Biden regime act to secure those potential biological weapons ahead of Putin’s invasion when they knew they were there and when they had warned everyone for weeks about the looming invasion.

It’s unclear exactly what’s going on in Ukraine, but it’s clear that the establishment elites are not telling the whole truth yet they continue to smear anyone who does as a “spreader of misinformation.”

Soon Nuland, Rubio and the rest of the warmongers in Washington, D.C. will be telling everyone “the science changed” on biolabs in ukraine and to “slow the spread” the US must enforce a no fly zone.

How long will it take before anyone who questions that gets promptly purged from social media, has their accounts frozen and gets fired from their jobs?

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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