NSA whistleblower just called out the deeply corrupt deal the establishment just cut

The D.C. Swamp is back to business as usual.

Congress continues to put the American people last.

And one NSA whistleblower just called out the deeply corrupt deal the establishment just cut.

The Senate passed yet another giant omnibus spending bill, and 18 Republicans signed onto the monstrosity that was thousands of pages long.

RINOs talk a good game about reining in spending, but when push comes to shove, they always support ridiculous pork-laden bills.

Ed Snowden ripped Dems and GOP establishment over “blank check” Omnibus bill

And NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden called out the corruption.

He wrote, “The worst people in politics from both parties have teamed up to demand Congress rubber-stamp a 4,155-page blank check—many times the length of the Bible. A check for $1,700,000,000,000 of your money. And they want it stamped before anyone can actually read it. Sounds legit.”

Worse yet, Senators were only given a couple of days to read a bill that was longer than several phone books.

There were all sorts of infuriating expenditures in the bill.

First of all, tens of billions more taxpayer dollars are going to defend Ukraine’s border while America’s southern border remains wide open.

Meanwhile, the United States tried to stop the European Union from sanctioning Russian oil exports; so the establishment is funding Ukraine while helping Vladimir Putin fund his war machine.

U.S. involvement in the war has become a complete farce at this point.

Republican Congressman Dan Bishop of North Carolina also pointed out that the bill included disturbing anti-human language in the name of fighting climate change.

Bishop wrote, “On a more sinister note, here’s at least $575 million for ‘family planning’ in areas where population growth ‘threatens biodiversity.’ Malthusianism is a disturbing, anti-human ideology that should have ZERO place in any federal program.”

The bill also included tons of cash for far-Left “woke” initiatives on the taxpayers’ dime.

The Washington Stand reported:

  • $1.2 million for “LGBTQIA+ Pride Centers” at San Diego Community College
  • $1 million for Zora’s House in Ohio, a “coworking and community space” for “women and gender-expansive people of color”
  • $3 million for the American LGBTQ+ Museum in New York City
  • $1 million designated for “LGBT special services program as a part of the VAWA grant funding”
  • $250,000 for “Our Lives Matter,” a gay rights law archive in Wisconsin
  • $750,000 for the “[email protected] Coalition” to provide “workforce development programs and supportive services for Transgender and Gender nonconforming and Intersex (TGI) immigrant women in Los Angeles”
  • $105,000 for a mentoring program for LGBT youth in the greater Pittsburgh area
  • $856,000 for an “LGBT Center” in New York
  • $523,345 for Compass LGBT Youth and Social Services programing
  • $113,520 for an LGBT Center of Greater Reading, Pa.
  • $500,000 to establish a staff position for Special Advisor to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQIA+ persons
  • $1.5 million for an LGBT+ community center new home project in New York
  • $750,000 for “LGBT and Gender Non-Conforming housing” in Albany, New York
  • This is the bill that establishment Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) were in a rush to pass before the GOP officially reclaimed control of the House in the new year.

    Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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