Nigel Farage is demanding answers after these disgraceful leaks hit the public

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Debanking or the act of preventing an individual from accessing banking resources, has become a popular tool for those trying to “cancel” certain individuals.

Such actions are very drastic, and debanking an individual has the potential to not just silence them but also destroy their lives.

And Nigel Farage is demanding answers after these disgraceful leaks hit the public.

The attacks on Nigel Farage demonstrate the terrifying reality of “cancel culture”

As a result of the so-called “cancel culture”, many people have had their lives ruined for their political views or off-colored comments they made.

However, debanking has emerged as a powerful weapon when it comes to “canceling” somebody, as it seeks to eliminate an individual’s access to capital, which can often ruin their lives.

Former Member of the European Parliament, Nigel Farage, learned this the hard way after British bank NatWest allegedly shut down Farage’s bank account with NatWest subsidiary Coutts Bank, which many believe was politically motivated.

Farage is a polarizing figure in British politics, as he played a big role in promoting the successful Brexit campaign in 2016.

This debanking incident occurred earlier this year, which resulted in considerable blowback for NatWest.

As a result of this incident, NatWest CEO Alison West resigned, and a full-out investigation was launched to determine how and why such actions were allowed to happen.

And just this week, a trove of communications between NatWest staff was released, showing that some gloated about Farage’s alleged debanking.

One unidentified NatWest employee said, “Hope that knocked him down a peg or 2.”

Another unidentified NatWest employee said, “Have we single-handedly driven NF (Nigel Farage) out of the country?”

In response to these damning communications, Farage spoke to the Telegraph saying, “These vile prejudicial comments are a direct result of the culture imposed upon NatWest by Dame Alison Rose. It is clear that the decision to debank me wasn’t taken just by the subdivision Coutts but went right up to the very top management team in the NatWest group.”

He added, “I find it wholly unacceptable that Alison Rose should be able to walk away from this fiasco with £11 million given that the British taxpayer owns nearly 40 per cent of the NatWest group. I hope the board acts accordingly on Thursday.”

The debanking Farage shows that the Left will do anything to “cancel” individuals who do not agree with them

The terrifying actions taken against Nigel Farage demonstrate that the Left will do anything to ruin the lives of people who do not agree with them.

Debanking does not just make it harder for an individual to espouse their viewpoints, but it also has the potential to ruin their lives financially.

Such actions are a direct assault on democracy, and any government that claims to respect the freedom of speech, ought to take such actions very seriously.

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