NFL coach utterly destroyed the Left’s narrative

Once upon a time, Americans could tune into sports, tune out all their problems and root for their favorite team or athlete. 

Not any more, as the corporate-controlled sports media now use sports to try and indoctrinate fans in radical wokeism. 

But this NFL head coach may be the next victim of Cancel Culture after he utterly destroyed the Left’s narrative. 

Todd Bowles put race-obsessed sports media in their place

The Pittsburgh Steelers narrowly escaped with a win in their field goal fest against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

However, leading up to the game, the sports media world had no interest in talking about the quarterback matchup, or the importance for both teams to get a statement victory after disappointing starts to the season. 

Instead, they were focused singularly on one thing – race. 

There are technically four NFL head coaches who are black – though one of them is only half, and you wouldn’t guess it just by looking at him. 

Two of those black head coaches faced off in the Steelers/Bucs game. 

Mike Tomlin is one of the best coaches in the entire league – serving as the top guy in Pittsburgh for 15 years now. 

Meanwhile, Todd Bowles took over for Bruce Arians with the Bucs this year, following a long and successful run as an assistant around the league. 

Prior to the game, the media was obsessed with the fact that this was the only game on the NFL regular seasons schedule that would pit two black head coaches against each other. 

Todd Bowles was asked about it relentlessly. 

And his answer shocked Big Media and leftists across the country. 

“We don’t look at what color we are when we coach against each other,” Bowles responded. “We just know each other. I have a lot of very good white friends that coach in this league as well, and I don’t think it’s a big deal as far as us coaching against each other; I think it’s normal.”  

Bowles was also specifically asked about the new Carolina Panthers head coach Steve Wilks. 


Because Wilks is black. 

“Wilks got an opportunity to do a good job,” Bowles added. “Hopefully he does it. And we coach ball, we don’t look at color.”

But that wasn’t good enough for the race-obsessed reporters – who insisted on making the game all and only about race. 

A female reporter then decided it was a good idea to lecture Bowles to make sure he understands the importance of intersectionality, diversity, equity and inclusion – posing a truly insulting question to the leader of the Buccaneers.   

“But you understand that representation matters too right,” the reporter asked. “And that when inspiring coaches or even football players, they see you guys, they see someone who looks like them, maybe grew up like them, that has to mean something.” 

That’s when Bowles spiked the conversation. 

“I think the minute you guys stop making a big deal about it, everybody else will as well”

“Well, when you say, ‘they see you guys,’ and ‘look like them and grew up like them,’ it means that we’re oddballs to begin with,” Bowles said sharply. “I think the minute YOU GUYS stop making a big deal about it, everybody else will as well.”

That was a truly colorblind answer from the coach. 

Unfortunately for him, in 2022, being colorblind can get you canceled. 

How long before the radically woke start calling on Bowles to be fired for being the “black face of white supremacy” in the NFL? 

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