News of this major SCOTUS rift showed what’s really going on in media

The so-called mainstream media have no shame in helping Democrats further their agenda.

Few know how deep the corporate-controlled press’ reach really goes.

But news of this major SCOTUS rift showed what’s really going on in the media.

Big Tech and the corporate-controlled press work hand-in-glove.

Microsoft got exposed helping the Left get away with one lie about the Supreme Court.

The story illustrates how Big Tech and the corporate-controlled press work hand-in-glove, through so-called “fact checking” sites and services, like the Microsoft-owned NewsGuard – a tool that is billed as a product to help determine which news sites were trustworthy, and which ones were not.

But NewsGuard is yet another left-leaning service giving favoritism to liberal news sources.

That was made clear when NewsGuard refused to ding left-wing news outlet NPR for reporting fake news about the Supreme Court this past week.

According to NPR, Justice Neil Gorsuch was required to wear a mask in court conferences and he refused, forcing Justice Sonia Sotomayor to teleconference.

That turned out to be false after Fox News’ Shannon Bream busted NPR’s fake news.

Gorsuch and Sotomayor released a joint statement shooting down the report.

Yet NewsGuard refused to dock points from NPR for the false story.

NewsGuard General Manager Matt Skibinski said, “There are two conflicting reports, one from NPR and one from Fox News, both citing anonymous sources…It’s hard to say anything definitive about either report without more information.”

Chief Justice John Roberts even issued a statement on the matter, clarifying, “I did not request Justice Gorsuch or any other Justice to wear a mask on the bench.”

Skibinski still refused to hold NPR accountable, instead insisting NewsGuard is “keeping an eye on this story…The back and forth about the facts is still ongoing. As noted previously, we’re monitoring to see how things unfold.”

Even when left-wing sites are wrong, they still get the benefit of the doubt.

Meanwhile, conservative opinion sites that are honest about their points-of-view get downgraded by NewsGuard.

This story shows how the establishment is using the threat of so-called online misinformation as a pretext to censor counter-narrative voices.

Supposed fact-checking sites like Snopes and Politifact, and services like NewsGuard, are supposed to be the gatekeepers of what is true and what is not.

But their left-wing bias is clear.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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