New York Times editors were left clutching their pearls after this one case of “arbitrary” Big Tech censorship

The New York Times found out it doesn’t have the market cornered on censorship.

Big Tech is doing all they can to censor anything that doesn’t align with Biden’s far-left agenda too.

But NYT editors were left clutching their pearls after this one case of “arbitrary” Big Tech censorship they didn’t agree with.

Conservatives are being shut down for stating factual information all because the Democrats don’t want people knowing the truth.

Well it looks like The New York Times just got a taste of Big Tech’s “arbitrary censorship.”

The New York Times has long been known as a left-wing propaganda machine.

The paper has always had a massive left-wing slant despite trying to claim it’s unbiased.

So, most assumed The New York Times would never have an issue with censorship by Big Tech, but it looks like even the liberal so-called “paper of record” isn’t exempt from the repercussions of censorship.

Late last week The NYT blasted YouTube for removing British left-wing news outlet Novara Media’s YouTube channel.

The article was entitled, “How a Mistake by YouTube Shows Its Power Over Media,” and it criticized YouTube’s “opaque and sometimes arbitrarily enforced” rules, describing the company as an information “gatekeeper.”

Interesting given YouTube is well known for censoring the likes of Ron and Rand Paul, not leftist politicians.

However, the article raised a few good points.

“They are a monopoly, there is no alternative,” Novara employee Michael Walker told the NYT. “If we move to Vimeo or whatever other platform, we wouldn’t acquire the viewers.”

Walker has a point – YouTube owns the online video market and there has yet to be a company that can compete.

It’s no secret that YouTube has ramped up efforts to remove what they consider “misinformation,” but now even the Left is realizing what YouTube considers “misinformation” is often “arbitrary.”

YouTube famously claimed that it deleted former Congressman Ron Paul’s channel accidentally after it received an immense backlash for removing the popular former Congressman’s videos.

The video platform was also forced to reinstate a channel run by American Principles Project, a conservative advocacy group, after deleting it for supposedly “violating YouTube’s policy on re-uploading content from deleted accounts.”

YouTube’s reasons for deleting many of these accounts are often so vague and they eventually reinstate them.

Looks like this time YouTube may have messed with one of their own and The New York Times is making sure they know it.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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