New video shows the bone-chilling result of Democrats’ war on Christianity

It is undeniable that Christianity is under assault.

Leftists would be perfectly happy to drive the religion out of the public square entirely.

And a new video shows the bone-chilling result of Democrats’ war on Christianity.

Several religious liberty court cases have been in the news as Christianity remains under attack from the Left.

Leftists want to stop football coaches from praying on the field after games, force Christian bakers to make custom cakes for gay weddings, and now they’re demanding Christians take off “Jesus Saves” T-shirts in order to shop at the mall.

Kicked out of Mall of America over “Jesus Saves” shirt

A man named Paul Shoro wore a shirt that said “Jesus Saves” on the front and “Jesus is the only way” on the back in the Mall of America in Minnesota.

And that was enough for him to get harassed by security guards for several minutes.

One of the security guards told him, “Jesus is associated with religion and it’s offending people…If you want to shop here you need to take off that shirt.”

It’s utterly ridiculous that society has become so hostile to Christianity that a simple T-shirt is grounds for being kicked out of a mall.

Shoro responded, “I didn’t say anything though. I didn’t speak. I didn’t say anything. I just went to Macy’s.”

Shoro was accused of “religious soliciting” even though he did not say anything.

The security guard added, “Again, I’m giving you a couple options. You can take the shirt off and you can go to Macy’s and you can do your shopping. Or you can leave the mall, okay? Those are your only options right now.”

It’s bone-chilling that such a scene is happening in America, a country founded on Christian values.

Ultimately, Shoro was not expelled from the mall, but it should not have even come to that.

Alarming videos of crackdowns on religious expression have cropped up in other countries like the United Kingdom; a woman was recently arrested for praying silently outside of an abortion clinic.

And the religious censors have been emboldened in America.

Every Christmas season, they attempt to get Christmas events canceled on the grounds they are not “inclusive,” even though Christmas is an American holiday, i.e. for all Americans.

If people do not fight for religious liberty, eventually it will go away.

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