Never-Trumpers are furious this plot to silence a top MAGA advisor failed miserably

President Joe Biden says “MAGA Republicans” are a dangerous threat to Americans. 

However, it’s leftist groups like Antifa and BLM that routinely resort to violence to achieve their political ends. 

And now Never-Trumpers Left and Right are furious this plot to silence a top MAGA advisor failed miserably.

Steve Bannon is the latest victim of a new, potentially deadly, trick from the radical Left. 

They’re already at it again. 

It’s been just a couple weeks since Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene was awoken in the middle of the night by armed officers at her door. 

The police were at the Republican Representative’s house to investigate a murder. 

A 911-caller had informed the department that a man had been shot five-times at the Greene family home and that a woman with a gun was now saying she would take her own life next. 

To add urgency, the caller added that there were children present in the home. 

Of course, nothing of the sort had happened. 

It turns out, the call was a hoax, but this prank could have been deadly – and MTG is now saying she believes that was the intention of the caller all along. 

What MTG experienced is called “swatting.” 

It’s when someone places an anonymous call to the authorities with a fictional report of violent crime. 

The idea is to, at the very least, inconvenience your political enemies. 

But the MAGA Congresswoman from Rome, Georgia believes the goal of the woke is to go far more than just cause their rivals some hassle. 

“I probably would have been the target and that is the whole purpose of swatting someone,” Rep. Greene said. “This is what gets people killed. There have been multiple incidences just like this one where police ended up shooting someone because they believed they were responding to a call. And that’s what was happening to me. They wanted me to be murdered. Death by cop – that’s what swatting is, and they were doing this in hopes that the police would kill me.”

MTG has now twice been victimized by swatting. 

But she’s not the only America-First force the radical Left is targeting. 

The former advisor from the Donald Trump White House, recently received a taste of the Left’s new favorite political warfare tactic. 

Steve Bannon is the latest conservative to be “swatted” by the radical Left. 

The Post Millennial is reporting the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department received a tip of a shooting at Bannon’s personal residence. 

However, when officers arrived an investigation revealed no shots had been fired and the area was secure with no active threat. 

Much like MTG, this isn’t Bannon’s first rodeo with swatting. 

Back in July of this year, authorities swarmed Bannon’s home following a caller claiming a gunman was inside.

Much like this latest incident, that call was also a false report. 

It seems as President Joe Biden continues demonizing “MAGA Republicans,” and stirring up fears of what a danger the MTG’s and Bannon’s of the world are, Biden’s supporters are feeling more justified in utilizing extreme measures to oppose the Right – even if it could end fatally. 

Bannon has reportedly now been swatted three times in recent days alone.

Along with putting people’s lives in danger and wasting police resources and the tax dollars that fund them – swatting could have a “boy who cried wolf” effect and lead police departments to start taking caller claims less seriously. 

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