Neocon outlet was taken to task for botching one massive scandal

Donald Trump faced relentless attacks from the Democrat Media Complex.

He also constantly battled RINOs that fought tooth and nail to undermine his presidency.

But now one neocon outlet was taken to task for botching a massive scandal.

Many architects and cheerleaders of the Iraq War during the George W. Bush era now sound like Democratic operatives.

Neocons like Bill Kristol and Steve Schmidt literally changed their party affiliation to Democrat and analysis shows that Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post is now the most pro-Biden prominent journalist.

But The Dispatch, an outlet that serves as a haven for Never Trumpers, got called out for mishandling the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Dispatch CEO Stephen Hayes appeared on Fox News and he explained that his site was working with Facebook in a fact-checking capacity.

Hayes said:

“Yeah, we do fact-check on a wide variety of articles that surface through a tool that Facebook provides…We do fact-checking independent of Facebook as well. But we are trying, you know, to be a voice that’s helping to determine what is true and what’s not true, and we think we play a pretty important role there.”

When Hayes was asked about The Dispatch’s fact check of the Hunter biden laptop story, Hayes said:

“Yeah, we didn’t do a straight-up fact-check on the Hunter Biden story in part because there wasn’t enough information in those early days to do a definitive fact check…That’s part of the role of fact-checkers — determining what’s factual so that you are correcting facts rather than trying to correct opinion.”

This is a total copout.

The story was immediately treated as Russian disinformation.

At minimum, there could’ve been a fact check that the “Russian disinformation” angle was unproven.

Countless media outlets ran with that story and McCarthy-ite congressman Adam Schiff said he’d seen evidence of Russian disinformation.

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said the Russian disinformation narrative was completely bogus.

But Never Trumpers and Democrats alike were so terrified of Trump winning re-election, they let the lie stand and allowed the laptop story to be suppressed.

Also, Facebook has yet to fact check the story even though Politico—one of the main drivers of the “Russian disinformation” rhetoric—confirmed at least some of the emails on the laptop were authentic.

It only took a year for them to find out what The New York Post knew last October.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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