National gymnastics champ has woke apparel CEOs quaking in their loafers with bombshell tell-all

American corporations have been overrun by leftists.

But the woke peddlers at big corporations are starting to slam into brick walls.

And now a national gymnastics champ has woke apparel CEOs quaking in their loafers with a bombshell new tell-all.

A former top executive for one of America’s leading apparel companies is explaining why corporate America now caters to the radical Left. 

Levi’s unbuttoned 

“First, you’ve got CEOs and executives who want to distance themselves from the greedy image of past business leaders. They want you to know that they are not like the ruthless banking moguls and oil tycoons from years gone by. They aren’t destroying the planet, and they aren’t taking advantage of consumers with subprime mortgages. They aren’t stealing or grifting, they’re helping! They aren’t in it for themselves, they care about you!”

That’s an excerpt, published in the New York Post, from Jennifer Sey’s new book, “Levi’s Unbuttoned.”

Sey is the former brand president of jeans giant Levi’s.

The businesswoman is no fan of what she calls “woke capitalism.” 

“Corporate leaders want us to believe that they are do-gooders, not money grubbers,” Sey wrote. “They’ll get rich, too, but they don’t want you to think that is their mission.”

Woke capitalism 

Why the move from business leaders to rebrand themselves from rich to altruistic? 

Sey says the rebrand itself is a sign of greed. 

According to Sey, who is a former national champion gymnast, billionaires like Bill Gates know it’s the best way to use Gen Z’s activist nature – instilled in them by Big Education from grade school – to turn a tidy profit. 

“It exploits social-justice politics and transforms it into social-justice consumerism—and, ultimately, investor profit,” Sey wrote in her book. “Companies purporting to care about ‘progressive values’ are really doing nothing more than striking a superficial pose meant to signal virtue while distracting from any company’s true motive: financial gain for shareholders.”

Sey does point out a couple of other motivations behind businesses backing the woke. 

First, the squeaky wheel gets the oil – and Leftists are far more likely to make a stink about a company’s political views, or even just staying neutral, than hard-working conservatives who just want to be left alone. 

Also, these business leaders are surrounded by college graduates with big, expensive degrees who are fresh off of at least four years of higher education propaganda and 13 years of brainwashing in the classroom before that. 

Sey calls those employees, “ideological terrorists.”

Oh Sey can you see…

Levi’s former brand President left the company this past February, citing differences of opinions, especially over the company’s public stance on Dr. Fauci’s favorite COVID restrictions. 

Sey says she left for freedom, and that’s why she turned down a $1-Million severance package offer if she’d be willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. 

For her sake, and the sake of more corporate America whistleblowers in the future – let’s hope “Levi’s Unbuttoned” sells well and makes that a profitable decision. 

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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