National bank has some explaining to do after a mind-boggling accusation against conservatives

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The Left have gone completely bonkers.

That has led to growing polarization throughout the society and the economy.

Now a national bank has some explaining to do after a mind-boggling accusation against conservatives.

The Left have become so authoritarian, they are creating the need for a parallel economy.

Conservatives and counter-narrative liberals have been silenced and “canceled” and denied basic services like Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, and various payment processors.

They have even been barred from using bank accounts.

Such was the case when conservatives and religious groups were “de-banked” by Chase, and now a portfolio manager wants answers from the bank.

Shareholder resolution sent to JPMorgan Chase over alleged targeting of religious groups

David Bahnsen of the Bahnsen Group sent a resolution to the shareholders of JPMorgan Chase, challenging the bank’s curtailment of civil liberties.

Chase terminated its relationship with the National Committee for Religious Freedom and asked the nonprofit organization to list its donors.

Also, a credit card processor owned by Chase closed the account belonging to the Family Council, a conservative organization focused on traditional family values.

Bahnsen wrote in the resolution, “When companies engage in this kind of discrimination, they hinder the ability of individuals, groups, and businesses to access and equally participate in the marketplace and instead skew it to their own ends…Moreover, they risk giving fringe activists and governments a foothold to demand that private financial institutions deny service under the sweeping, unfettered discretion that such policies provide.”

Woke middle managers called out

Bahnsen believes that the de-banking is not coming from senior executives, but from “woke” middle managers, or at least middle managers attempting to boost Chase’s Corporate Equity Index (CEI) score from the Human Rights Campaign, a far-left LGBTQ organization.

Bahnsen claimed, “I am convinced these discriminatory things are happening, and that senior management is not behind it at all…I believe they have a breakdown at a more local and regional level causing this, and they internally are going to have to rectify it.”

It is not uncommon for VPs to go rogue when senior management is not paying attention.

Bud Light is currently in a tailspin after marketing executives entered into a sponsorship deal with controversial transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

The radical politicization of banking came into focus when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau temporarily froze the bank accounts of people who participated in the Trucker Convoy to protest COVID vaccine mandates.

If banks are going to openly discriminate against conservatives and Christians, then “woke” banks are going to get some competition.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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