Nancy Pelosi’s Trump witch hunt went to a very dark place

The Democrats have tried everything to take out Donald Trump.

Two sham impeachments later, and Trump is still a force in American politics.

But Nancy Pelosi’s Trump witch hunt went to a very dark place.

Democrats and establishment Republicans used Orange Man Bad as a justification for all sorts of horrible acts.

Hatred of Trump led to the Russiagate hoax, and the Capitol Hill riot was used as a pretext to spy on any Americans with anti-establishment views.

Now, Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Police are trawling through Americans’ social media posts in search of some type of objectionable material.

And some of the Capitol Hill Police intelligence division’s own analysts are sounding the alarm about concerns they’ve harbored since before January 6th according to a report by POLITICO.

Dan Gebhardt, an employment lawyer, who represents five whistleblowers who worked in the Capitol Police intelligence division at the time of the January 6 riots said in a statement to  POLITICO that his clients had issues with “obtaining [personally identifiable information] without proper predicate, First Amendment concerns, and the misallocation of resources that analysts are tasked to conduct research on event attendees, hosts, staff, and even family members of Congress, instead of conducting analysis to stop the next January 6th.”

What’s more, intelligence division management directed employees to target religious leaders.

And “conduct internet searches and review social media on a religious leader who was performing a funeral” attended by a member of Congress, Gebhardt said.

Many people objected to the announcement that the Capitol Police would be expanding its operations beyond D.C. in light of January 6th.

Based on POLITICO’s report, those fears were warranted.

The establishment wasted no time at all using the Capitol Hill riot as a pretense for expanding surveillance and state power.

POLITICO added that “Faiza Patel, co-director of the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, said in an interview that it is troubling for police to scrutinize the social media accounts of people who aren’t suspected of crimes.”

The establishment has wandered into the territory of thought crimes.

Patel explained, “Unless the police suspect these people of wrongdoing, this type of probing is a serious incursion on freedom of speech, association, and religion.”

The FBI went to Bank of America and requested credit card transactions for any customers who were in Washington, D.C. on or around January 6th.

Congressman Troy Nehls said that Capitol Police illegally searched his office and took photos of documents.

This is the type of surveillance that Pelosi and the Democrats want.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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