Nancy Pelosi was asked one tough question about Joe Biden that sent her into a rage

Office of Nancy Pelosi, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are in the hot seat trying to explain the disaster that unfolded on the debate stage.

That’s putting members of the party in some extremely uncomfortable positions. 

And Nancy Pelosi was asked one tough question about Joe Biden that sent her into a rage. 

Joe Biden confirms everyone’s worst fears about him 

President Joe Biden went into the first Presidential debate on CNN with a mission to silence critics about his age and mental acuity.

All he had to do was just enough to ease the concerns of voters and he would walk away from the debate as the winner.

What unfolded was one of the biggest disasters in Presidential history.

Biden came across as a senile old man who couldn’t put together a coherent thought.

The public saw the Biden that Democrats and their media allies did their best to hide since he entered the White House.

Rumors swirled in the media that major Democrat donors and party insiders were ready to pull the plug on his campaign.

But major party figures like former President Barack Obama came out in support of him.

Nancy Pelosi tries to defend Joe Biden and fails

Democrats went into damage control as elected officials rallied around him publicly.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was dispatched to CNN’s State of the Union where she tried to defend Biden.

Host Dana Bash – one of the moderators of Biden’s ill-fated debate – confronted Pelosi about a CBS/YouGov poll that found that a staggering 72% of Americans don’t think Biden has the cognitive ability to be President.

“Well what do they think about the other guy?” Pelosi protested. “Do they think that he has the integrity to be President after that performance?”

Pelosi tried to change the subject and laughably claimed that the polls hadn’t changed despite the evidence just presented to her.

“Let us not make a judgment about a presidency on one debate,” Pelosi said. “Let‘s talk about what it means to people in their lives. And that‘s why you‘re not seeing much change in the polls on this.”

The House Speaker tried to pivot back to what was supposed to be the big talking point that Democrats rolled out before the debate.

Democrats used 16 Democrat economists to claim that Trump would cause inflation to skyrocket if he was elected to take the focus off Biden’s dismal record on inflation. 

But Biden’s performance blew up that plan. 

“Sixteen Nobel laureates said when it comes to inflation, if the other guy gets elected, inflation will soar because of his fiscal policies,” Pelosi ranted. “So it‘s not about performance in terms of a debate. It‘s about performance in a Presidency.”

The public can easily compare inflation during the Trump and Biden Presidencies. 

Pelosi went to the other big talking point coming out of the debate for Democrats and their media allies, Trump’s alleged lies.

She lectured CNN about needing to be more in the tank for Biden.

“I want you to know that the fact is that the reaction to the lies of Donald Trump is something maybe TV isn‘t focusing on, but people are. To have a debate where you have to spend half your time negating what he said because he knows nothing about the truth. One side of the screen you have integrity, the other side you have dishonesty,” Pelosi said.

Biden kicked off the debate by lying and saying he had no troops killed during his Presidency when 13 died because of his incompetence during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

There’s no way for Nancy Pelosi to sugarcoat the disaster that unfolded during the debate. 

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