Nancy Pelosi risks an international incident to check on her investments in Taiwan – but she’s ignoring a huge Chinese Trojan horse

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is about as scuzzy a politician as they come, constantly putting taxpayers on the hook to help her family’s investments score financial windfalls.

Now for her own benefit it appears she’s trying to intentionally disrupt what sources call a “globally crucial” industry. 

But she’s ignoring a huge Chinese Trojan horse while she risks an international incident to check on her investments in Taiwan.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is heading for Taiwan for a trip that Foreign Policy Magazine warns “at a minimum, could complicate the supply chain for the island’s globally crucial semiconductor industry.”

News of Pelosi’s planned trip broke just a week after her husband, Paul Pelosi, purchased $5 million in stock in semiconductor company Nvidia and just hours ahead of the Senate passing a massive taxpayer-funded scheme to benefit the company with “a $52 billion subsidy to the semiconductor industry,” Reuters reported.

Much of the Nvidia’s and other semiconductor companies’ actual manufacturing is currently based in Taiwan.  

And with subsidy funds for “onshoring” manufacturing almost certainly going only to Pelosi and the Democrats’ hand-picked cronies, an international incident disrupting the Taiwan-based semiconductor industry resulting from Pelosi’s trip would give those companies a massive leg up — and coincidentally an enormous payout on her husband’s investment.

Pelosi is certainly strategic in the risk it appears she is willing to inflict on the country to enrich herself.

But she’s definitely not patient or far-sighted.   

Meanwhile, China is and Pelosi and other Democrats are ignoring the checkmate move China has set up on the board.

China is notorious for being patient in its strategic moves.

The country, run by the Chinese Communist Party, has been biding its time for at least 50 years, ever since Richard Nixon normalized economic relations with the country during the Cold War.

China has been benefiting from trade imbalances and stealing intellectual property.

Multiple Chinese spies have also been caught in government and universities.

But one CCP plot that’s operating out in the open is TikTok, the growing social media platform that comes with all sorts of harmful effects, including severe privacy  issues.

The Media Research Center reported that “more than half of Americans want app stores to remove TikTok following revelations that Chinese employees can directly access U.S. user data. According to a new survey from The Trafalgar Group, 58.6 percent of Americans want TikTok to be removed from app stores. The survey results follow recent news that Chinese employees of TikTok’s parent company – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-tied ByteDance – can access the data of U.S. users.”

It’s absurd that the CCP has such unfettered access to American user data.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the Democrats are far less worried about nefarious activity from Communist China.

The MRC added that “the responses differed on the basis of participants’ political party, with 76.8 percent of Republicans saying they wanted TikTok removed while only 39.2 percent of Democrats said the same. Almost 57 percent of ‘No Party/Other’ respondents wanted TikTok removed. There were slightly more Democrats than Republicans who participated in the Trafalgar Group survey and participants were about 53 percent female and 47 percent male.”

In addition to privacy concerns, TikTok has also been criticized for pumping garbage into the minds of children with its suggestive algorithm.

The Wall Street Journal created bot accounts representing teenagers to investigate what kids were being fed.

The Journal reported that “TikTok served one account registered as a 13-year-old at least 569 videos about drug use, references to cocaine and meth addiction, and promotional videos for online sales of drug products and paraphernalia. Hundreds of similar videos appeared in the feeds of the Journal’s other minor accounts…TikTok also showed the Journal’s teenage users more than 100 videos from accounts recommending paid pornography sites and sex shops. Thousands of others were from creators who labeled their content as for adults only. Still others encouraged eating disorders and glorified alcohol, including depictions of drinking and driving and of drinking games.”

The CCP is feeding poison to American kids while also taking their privacy information.

TikTok truly is an odious platform and it could be the nail in the coffin for America.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

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